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Want to be sound, so be him, in than question?

Want to be sound, so be him, in than question? Health this that nor for what money do not bathe and pertain to its health it is necessary with the whole responsiblity. The Coasts health since the youth, so states the public wisdom. Else apropos, there is good proverb Late to drink if buds were ed . Here is I and has solved exactly since to health it is necessary to pertain respectfully yours to create in its blog section about health. The Human organism he either as any unit seasonly conks and requires constant care for stable, but the main without emergency long work. We certainly distant from kindom of the amoebas and hydras amphibious, where loss legs big dug does not play, grow on place old new. Beside us better tentacle not to lose, but that come tight! As I have said that health follows to keep, majority of the traumas and mutilate;maim happens on worker place, but on as we on worker place conduct the most to its lifes, that risk too high . Work itself in any type influences upon organism if we worked without rush job and conversions, yes else and for sufficient for existence money, that these risks were on much below. After all, why people get the injuries? Since to hurry live, to hurry earn more money, or simply charter from monotonous labour in determined a moment worker cycle lose checking on their own action. This is a main reasons mutilate;maim on production, but here is that of breaches of the safety and in this connection damages, that percent of such traumas vastly in real count below, but on deal is got on statistics greater numerals only therefore that people got trauma for arrange her(its) not as trauma on production, but as home, losing in salary and payment. Such a our deystvitelinosti.
Family and health of her(its) members of one of the primary tasks state. The State this enormous machine and it does not heed to cheep of one member society. Such a ?????? lifes, otherwise was full bewilderment. Each must strive not to search for the help beside state in improvement of its health, but real most keep a check on this with greater attentiveness. Why to example to smoke if this harms the health? But why to example to drink the alcoholic drink, again if this is harmed? After all first we spend the money on Smoking, but afterwards spend on medicine. And such foolish cycle is repeated and repeated with miscellaneous by people in current of the lifes. Can not it is enough lerning of the work to lead or much advertisments of the tobacco and beer, but that that all the influences upon population and drinking and smoking since each year does not become less and this sad! So let's to keep its health and money less to spend on drugstore, but for the best leave the doctor out of job, but that they on move are as it were interested ???? more felt sick and invalid:) (the fun though there is share of the truth in each fun!).
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