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Sample essays :: Movie Review
Movie Review

Movie Analysis: Wag the Dog

...The movie "Wag the Dog" is a typically amusing political comedy. It was not believed to be very bright, but most consider it to be rather funny and provokingly cynical. There are enough moments of sheer comic polish to guarantee a good time, which are on the other hand all very realistic in nature. Moreover the film proved to be unintentionally prophetic. It is not difficult to guess where the name of the film comes from: why does a dog wag his tail? Because a dog is smarter that its tail. If the tail were smarter than the dog, the tail would wag the dog. If we talk about the movie - the ones wagging the dog are of course the spin doctors: Conrad, Stanley and Winifred. But the question arises who is the dog then? The media or the American public? Maybe even both. Less than two weeks before the Election Day, a scandal erupts, that threatens the President to be elected for the second term. It is a potentially explosive sex scandal, which could turn into a real disgrace. The only way out was to distract the public's attention was to think out some other loud political critical situation. The best seemed to concoct a wholly fictitious military crisis in the Balkans and hire a producer from Hollywood in order to ensure the best organization of harrowing footage and war scenes. Actually nobody of course proposes to kill people and start a real war, just pretend to. Conrad Brean (Robert De Niro) is hired to fix the scandal, who in his turn hires a famous Hollywood producer Stanley Motss (Dustin Hoffman), and very soon according to CNN and live footage America is going to war with Albania. Hollywood and Presidential politics are perfect together. Political campaigns are often run the same as Hollywood motion pictures. The film concerns itself with the media's close links with the government...

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Film about old good Merline and his follower
Yesterday looked the film about sorcerer Merlina and Marganu. On my both if subject interesting, all begin its suckle stage managers. All not known and not comprehensible always attracted the person. The Persons so as is made that if him that thr unknown, that he essence talented and since time all get the truth. So and film sorcerer is made so, all were understandable and more not to return to subject wizard. But so, yes not quite th...
Literary negro
As is well known having worked brightly whole life on steep job title, reaping attention whole life person-star by the end of its quarries begins to write the memoirs. The Memoirs this as a rule duty of the great husbands of the world ????. Not all of them great writers, but many talented businessmans and know that on their own memoirs possible not bad to earn. Here is and appear any books "Notes Gorbacheva" or "Memoirs Clinton". As I have ...
Film At the limiting depth
At the limiting depth, description of the film. Where that on big depth under thick mass of water are taught conduct the experiments with mother by nature. But on what that stage all have went not since wanted and extract epidemic began on undersea station. There was is created terrible virus which falling into fabrics of the alive organism brings about mutations of the organism, as result appears monstr formless aggressive essence...
The film Meteor Storm.
The film Meteor Storm. To the land to carry on top speed enormous asteroid and already known region of the fall large stone. This region SAN FRANCISCO. Bombing small meteor already goes on at the city. On move of the advancement event scientist simply missed cosmos threat and at the most current moment have noticed the danger and have taken successfully identical measures. For beginning have found the specialist, where that as ...
Fire of Conscience
Fire of Conscience First-night in world: 23.03.2010. Short description: The Film created the china, but is obviously felt european style. No that constant fights on chinese manners. No stupid scenes, for rare exception where stage manager wanted to in united scenario and picture and him this did not manage. The smile appeared In this period on person, but such moments was not more five. In principle film to look po...
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