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Film The Dark Tower - 2017

Film The Dark Tower - 2017 In order to singe or completely break off the interest to watch the movie "the Dark Tower" I decided to write a review about the movie. I looked at it first, so I`m sure not many of Internet users at this time were able to watch it on-screen reading:) Before you watch the movie "the Dark Tower" I deliberately across the network looking for reviews and read what people think about the movie. Many of the reviews were similar with something fantastic from the fans to produce rumors and gossip. After I saw the movie "the Dark Tower", was born here this is not a biased opinion. Most write that the film is not worth watching, it`s not a movie sucks or something in this direction, but more beautiful words.
I the book on which the film was shot didn`t even see it, so tell going purely by the pictures that was on the screen. Most likely after reading my story about the movie "the Dark Tower" you want to see it. Many who have read the book itself, that the mind imagined and seeing the film adaptation just fell apart. I`m not precipitated, so that the film looked slowly and without thinking. The plot of the movie is simple as a corner of the barn. It turns out that the multidimensionality of our world is like a routine, but not nonsense. Two influential man at the turn of the two days of fighting. One Roland Distin - named shooter , another Walter O Dim, who is called a sorcerer, one destroys worlds, the other protects the worlds. Porridge in the pot where good fights with evil. The essence of the whole struggle is the desire to defend or to destroy the tower that holds everything in the Universe. If you win the black sorcerer, the world plunged into strife and chaos, and if the Shooter wins, then everything will be at least to develop harmoniously as before. Between our and the other world there are also passages which are controlled by a sorcerer. Everything seems super, but the movie was clearly too short for all of what was written in the book uiato to moments that would not be the best thing to do was to affect the viewer. Although, if someone does not like long movies and love to all developed dynamically, then this picture clearly, you don`t disappoint. Everything to run it, and getting closer and closer to the denouement.
What to our world, then everything is easier. Everything revolves around a boy with wondrous dreams, call the guy Jake. It`s about a parallel world knows he was dreaming at night. He knows about the hunter and the warlock, about their war, but no one understands, and parents as a warning to want to give in what the clinic is for fools. After a fight at school my parents decided to send their son to the hospital, when agents come for Jake, he recognizes them and runs away in search of a portal to the world of Arrow and Sorcerer. Finds it and goes to another world in another reality. Jake lives in new York and it is here in this city from the wizard whole base and he has almost all transitions between worlds control. The script was clearly written so that you thought that as a Yes and drinking beer without thinking about how everything will be wrapped on. This movie is way too smart and thinking, this is a film for fans of spectacular live.
In General, that new York on one side and desert on the other and Jake got into another reality is to look for the shooter. Finds him and together they open an ancient portal and into our time. Then dashing kill the sorcerer and all his gang and since in the end, new York Jake is an empty place, there is no dad or mom, then he goes into another dimension with the Shooter in order to be the best shooter and the successor of sorts of the defenders of goodness and justice. I think it turned out super!

THE DARK TOWER - Official Trailer (HD)

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