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Film 2:22 (2017)

Film 2:22 (2017) Probably for the fact that you wanted to see this movie should talk about the plot in all colors. Beginning to say so little promising, but from the first minutes of viewing of the film there is some sort of intrigue, waiting for something absolutely unusual, and actually get a film which was created to view with the family not thinking about anything chewing chips or drinking beer with the fish.
The protagonist of tape, the pilot who does not fly, he knows all about flying, about how to fly and that it is possible to squeeze. Dylan Branson is working on important work, he sends in the path of the aircraft from the airport and gives permission to land. Selects the window for a safe landing, indicates which side to approach, watching the safety. Dylan Branson, a talented Manager, his work is respected for his ability in the short term to manage difficult situations, it`s career. Dylan Branson for all monitors, all of it clearly and accurately, at times the aircraft needs to face, but Dylan at the crucial moment gives pilots the direction and the planes fly at a safe distance from each other.
All super from time and to time until one day he`s got something wrong with your head, he in fact began to slow down, which in turn at some stage almost led to a plane crash. First he comes to the vision that face in the sky two aircraft, he clearly knows their hull numbers and when wakes up, he realizes that the planes already in the air and is about to face. Dylan accepts a last minute educated decision and gives an indication of one of the pilots to succumb to the gas and take off quicker, as a result, the plane goes on the path just a meter away from the other aircraft that crossed its course going to the landing. Passengers flying on the plane didn`t have time to be scared, they did not even know that could happen a disaster. Dylan was at least in shock, the user also does not understand what happened and the result is a suspension from work for a while. Manager leaves work and goes home waiting for work to sort out what to do with it?
The disaster was supposed to occur at time 2:22 and Dylan this time, imprinted in the brain for the rest of the time. He sees these figures, he sees the disaster that would occur and how would lives every day at 2:22 as in the previous one. Every day the roof flies farther and farther, Dylan realizes that either he`s crazy or this is a "call" from God. Starts finding out what is happening, Dylan examines everything and realizes that this is what the algorithm is and if it is it will save somebody`s life. Then everything is even more interesting, the time has gone in the opposite direction and Dylan began to see the events of the life. He finally realized that at 2:22 in a past life, him and his girl that he loves is killing some admirer. Over time, Dylan was versed with everything pretty much lays everything out and realizes that in the sky over the city he saved a girl who in a previous life so was his girlfriend. Dylan is doing everything possible and sometimes not even possible to turn the tide in a different direction and save himself and his girlfriend from a crafty artist who just happened to be in a past life was the boyfriend that killed a couple at Grand Central station. The result is as always super positive, experienced Manager still figured out the algorithm and was in the right place with his girlfriend, but without the gun. He was shot, but not killed, the police timely intervened and the would-be artist who fell in love with that woman needed was riddled with bullets. In General, the film at once is good but twice to watch it is not interesting, no the second time the intrigue, the dialogue is not such to take them on Board and use in my life, so if to take a look, the film is not quite bad. A successful show.

2:22 - Official Trailer

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