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Artemius Fowl-Lord of the worlds!

Artemius Fowl-Lord of the worlds! Modern movies don't do exactly what they do with children, but they make progress in life. After watching such movies, children already dream not about a cool gadget, but about how to telepathically communicate with friends. Or not about the fact that quick payments for bus fare are a super solution, but about how to master the principles of teleportation, which by the way in nature insects have long been in practical use.
Such interesting films make a person independent from the influence of the environment, while it is only in your thoughts, but centuries will pass and the person will change so much that you can not even imagine without science fiction how everything will change abruptly.
And now about the film itself, which I came across by accident...
Somewhere where the drilling rig does not finish, dwarves, elves and trolls live. There are also Pixies and leprechauns and even brownies, in General, this is a fabulous world of magic and sorcery. Where else to hide on this flat surface, which man has studied the length and breadth, except somewhere in the depths of the earth's crust. This is where the mysterious civilization is hidden. Probably about the country of the elves, no one would have known, if not for the young Prodigy Artemius Fowl. His father raised him so smart that at the time he was already at school age to give the nickname "criminal genius"
Artemius Fowl not only entered the underworld, but also decided to steal something there. Disney created a unique movie, a fairy tale movie. I personally like almost all Disney movies very much.
If you do not think about the plot, the film is quite good, a lot of really incomprehensible characters, but in General it does not really interfere with watching. I do not know for what reason this film received such a low rating, but as for me, 4 stars out of 10 possible is somehow not enough, I would put 8. I liked the Film probably because I like the game of actress Judi Dench, where she was shot or is going to be shot, it can not be bad.
The film Artemius Fowl is only 1.5 hours long. Usually this fabulous Studio delays films for a couple of hours, but in this case, the plot changes dynamically and the film is surprisingly short. You're just starting to watch, you're just getting interested in magic, when you see the words "End of the movie"on the screen. I probably don't know a more magical country than Ireland. Anything can be there, the old Irish epic is just teeming with all sorts of interesting characters magic there oozes out of every crack in the ground.
In a beautiful estate on the ocean live a son and father. The father is played by Colin Farrell, the son is probably a little-known 12-year-old. This is a film for children's audience, so adults are not the most important thing here, they are everywhere in the secondary roles.
All would nor what, but in the world of elves, too, there is a certain confrontation between those who rule and those who would like to rule society. There in the world of magic, everything is a little different. It's easier to attach ears to a donkey there than to get a phone from a girl you like. The local rulers and their rivals of their world is clearly not enough, they need OCULUS, it's something magical, the device can transfer anyone to other worlds where they wish to and transfers, but only with elven hands, if a regular person takes it in hand and something will happen, then it will die.
Once in the past, when the elves were all not so quiet the ruling clan hid the shark on the Ground in the house of a rich applicant for artifacts somewhere on the ocean in Ireland. Probably no one or anything would have found out before the time, if the evil elves did not steal Artemius's father. Left alone with the problem, he begins to remember and believe what his father told him. If you don't know what roofing is, or how a dwarf digs holes in the ground, then you will get acquainted with these amazing skills in all its charms.
By the way, I don't know what side to look at Foaly in a skirt, but this is clearly a far-fetched character. And a dwarf named Mulch also doesn't fit into the system itself. After all, Mulch is not just a gnome that should be small, it is a different species, it is a gnomus giganticus.
Looks like every character is just amazing, although if you see the mouth of a dwarf, that is, for a long time you do not want to. It's like a huge mole, but only fabulous and very much like a person.
If you decide to spend time with your children, then this fabulous film is just what you need. You look and rejoice, everything around you is beautiful, some kind of chic, in General, a fairy tale and that's all. Disney and without special effects makes fabulous movies for 10 points, and here with a bunch of different things, everything looks more than unusual.
All the movies that come out of The disney pipeline are really well-staged costume shows. This time it all happened again, wonderful ears of the elves, trolls, though huge, but super plausible. Magic is also plentiful, then temporary spheres with freezing, then without freezing, all sorts of small details are so many that the brain is just sometimes overloaded and you stupidly look at what will happen next.
Pharrell's role is just awesome, a little bit here, a little bit there, and that's it. Literally a piece at the very beginning and a piece at the very end. Probably if he had a big role prescribed, the film would not have been for children.
Definitely the movie "Artemis Fowl 2020" is worth watching, I really liked it, and it seems to me not bad to start with:))

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author:) thank you!

Disney’s Artemis Fowl | Official Trailer

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