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Secret garden - a magical movie

Secret garden - a magical movie The film definitely about magic! About this movie can be told all day and every time the same episode will be to acquire new paint. The plot of the film is constructed so that there are no sharp turns and different reverences, all develops incrementally and gradually you dive into the world of fairy tales and adventure. On the one hand if you with the child forever goodbye, the movie will seem naive boring, but if there will be with you while watching the children, then their laughter will remind you that you should not be so boring to watch and such a magical film with a grim mask on her face. The film tells the story about everything that surrounds a little girl who does not give up with different challenges that come across her life. First, the girl is crying and not who does not trust,then realizes what friendship is and she has faith in people. At some point, this little girl realizes that even she is able to change the lives of other people. Isn`t it magic? In fact, everything that at first glance seems so doable, you can the idea be called a manifestation of magic in our turbulent world.
If you are afraid to look stupid while watching the magic and not the slave, then try to watch a movie lying on the couch at Christmas in splendid isolation. It may happen that you take a moment from their pillows move in Mysterious garden and enjoy all the delights of magic. Although the film is about a little girl, but has no age restrictions it will be equally interesting for girls and for the boy and grandfather with grandson.
This story was invented by the English writer Francis Burnett if you get a chance to read her book "the secret garden", then find in themselves the desire and realise your opportunity. I liked the movie very much and you will also be in a rush. The film based on the book by the way, quite well-delivered. I really like the movie, he just radiates positivity. The fact that the book is described on the screen is almost one to one is realized, the film is a replica of a book. I first read the book and then saw the movie and lo and behold, just what I thought of the characters and the film adaptation of the film. The actors playing realistic and never let you go from thinking that you`re really in a fairy tale. By the way, most of the cast of the film is average children.
For a moment, sometimes catch myself in the thought that it`s just a movie, but real life goes on outside the window and that only in the movie so magical that they care about each other, in reality, the people itself, and the government and the officials themselves and not who cares about each other, so to say everything on their shelves trying to survive.
I imagine there is some fragrance in this wondrous garden. At least something similar with our Spring in the cherry garden:) If you have a family have children, we suggest that you collect all the screen and watch the movie in good company. I watch this film time and again, children just love to watch it, that I have as well with them ten times a year to enjoy the same story, several times experiencing the same thing in different ways. Definitely the movie "the secret garden" is a good choice for those who like movies on the theme of magic and sorcery.

The Secret Garden (1993) - Original Theatrical Trailer

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