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The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button-review of the film

The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button-review of the film Recently, it has become increasingly difficult to watch interesting films, film-makers spend a lot of money on movies, but they are all nothing more than propaganda of some one-sidedness or another nonsense born in the minds of money geniuses. Therefore, when I saw the not quite catchy title "The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button", I passed by, but thanks to the review I got on the network, I still came back and decided to watch this film and find out what the person who wrote a positive review in just a few words liked about it! The movie is super! If the movie super, I decided to see this and after spending a couple hours watching this movie I came to the conclusion that it is not something usual, but he famously cleared, so conceived and so all clearly done. What other than to say that "the movie is super", I also can not...
Something like this I probably would have liked to see for a long time, but it just so happened, the film was released in 2008, and it got to me already in 2021. It took a long 13 years for me to get it in the network and a good review about it. I hope that this review will also save someone a lot of time and make them watch this miracle without waiting for another 13 years to pass:)
The plot as it seemed to me quite ordinary. Somewhere I have already read this even and perhaps more than once, but it was not exactly like in this film. I liked how Brad Pete plays in the movie, he had the main role turned out just surprisingly cool. Although the film is delayed for a long time for two hours, but while you are watching the picture, time just flies like lightning and in the end you do not even feel that the picture is so long in time.
Everything is built so amazingly filigree that it seems there is not a single superfluous word and not a single superfluous scene, everything harmoniously complements one another. Although, this film is a collection of different fragments of the life of one unique person, the fragments tell about different periods of his life, from birth to death in the arms of his beloved girlfriend. Do not take seeds with you to the cinema, as you will eventually forget about them and completely immerse yourself in the action of the film.
By God's providence, a rich businessman had a son, he was a child, but he looked like a terribly shriveled old man. The father dropped his child off at the orphanage and forgot about him for a while. Born in the guise of an old man, the child gradually got used to the role of an old man in an old society. After a while, the old man began to understand that time for him goes in the opposite direction, that everyone is born young and dies old, and he was born an old man and now obviously will die in the cradle or in someone's arms.
At first, Benjamin (this was the name of this man) is very difficult in life, but gradually he realizes that he still needs to live and love, too, and everything comes with time. Although this cute 18-year-old man is sad and lonely, but he still wants to comprehend the world as an ordinary 18-year-old child and fate helps him in his every desire. The actors are selected in my opinion very well, but some could be changed to the likes of Brad Pitt, and not similar to US President Barack Abama:))) Sometimes movies go to the top only because they star in Hollywood, and this film just probably did not become interesting to me due to Pete's Delirium, but due to the idea itself and the skill of its implementation.
I definitely advise you to watch this film, the picture "The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button" you will obviously like it, you will become a completely different person after watching it, you will look at the same world around you, but you will understand it on a completely new level. The film is good, but for one time, as it is a philosophical drama, and not some kind of entertainment comedy to lift the mood.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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