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The Series Lucifer

The Series Lucifer For those who have not watched this series, the first tip! Be sure to download all the series of all three seasons and review at your leisure, the film is awesome interesting, built on a complete storyline for each series.
I watch this series beginning with the second season, probably because it so happened that the name of the movie is not flashy. When finally reached the film "Lucifer", it could not stop until I reviewed the entire second season. Although the film and series separately and does not overlap the plot with each other, still the film every time it looks both familiar and at the same time very interesting reading. When the end of 2017 the second season came to an end and Lucifer was sent into the wilderness, but not without reward, gave him back his wings, I began to slowly pump series from the first season and so revised, with interest and the first season. The series is very interesting, it has little to do with mysticism, though the name is like and mystical, but mysticism in the story a little but angels are immortal and absolutely not of this world. As for the storyline, it is simple as everything created for" stupid Americans from the depths", although if you do not blunt when viewing, and a little think and move mentally for the author, the film does not seem so" simple", it even reminds me in this regard in some spirit detective. It is possible to tell briefly about what the Director shows us, but to convey the essence of the picture in this case it will be absolutely not real. In the title role we have Lucifer, he was once the ruler of HELL, but as it turns out the former does not happen and he sleeps in the night club arranges a hellish party with orgies and drinking. He got to Earth not by chance, he essentially escaped from Hell and does not want to return, because the wine and the girls so amuse him.. Lucius bought himself a night club in the city of Angels in Los Angeles. Lucifer`s nightclub is called"Lux." The nightclub is always noisy, always fun and everything is stoned, so it is no coincidence that this club is the most popular place in the city. It would have been mysterious and without noise, but on the threshold of a nightclub killed a young girl. The girl that Lucius knew and when it even helped her in life. Then begins Syr-Bor from drama, Comedy and diverse estates. Lucius that the is investigating, far the sticks its nose and his famous, phrase "What would you more wanted to in this life?"just knocks everyone off their feet.
If you are interested, at this time, the movie has three seasons, the third season has not been completed. The movie is so built that every movie is a completed action, and every season at the end conceals a bunch of skeletons in the closet. As soon as the season is over, and intrigue increases. The season ends, but the puzzles that are worth solving do not become less. The movie is a curse "+18", its type is inappropriate for children under 18. Don`t know why, I think the film can be viewed even babies, because Lucius is so cute.
Lucius with his dialogues and the game is just awesome character. Differently as it is and should not be, because the idea and the idea of this Luigi is a real devil and all the evil inherent in him. Lucifer is called in the earthly life of Lucifer Morningstar. Apparently the name got accustomed from the comics DC Comics, comics finalized and created here such a watchable miracle.
Lucifer Morningstar-Lucifer Morning Star, actually Lucius in the morning in a drunken frenzy, and as soon as it gets dark, he wakes up the talent to have fun. I know for a fact that stars light up at night. The artist who plays Lucifer is very talented. The game is simply amazing. Lucius, when he`s bored can sing and fun to play the piano in a Nightclub. He drinks a lot, but not drunk, everything is determined by God, because he is the son of God, he was once a fallen angel, but living life on Earth and periodically cutting off his wings, he bought a lot of good earthly qualities. The storyline seems to go in two directions. Lucius himself mutates the subject and, as usual, detective Chloe and his team are investigating something of his own. Lucifer the divine is constantly problems that he helps to solve earthly psychiatrist, Chloe constantly in trouble with the investigation, but as soon as they occur, it immediately appears on the verge of her friend and counselor part - time-is Lucifer the Morning Star.
In short, I advise you to watch this miracle of American cinema. There is no obvious propaganda of different American, there is fun and talk. So that guests can enjoy and get a great dose of positive emotions.
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