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What to see? The film "Reborn from the Ashes" (2019)

What to see? The film If you are tired of the propaganda of the Western way of coexistence and a certain globalism and you tend to love your national roots. Then you will probably love this film, which glorifies the traditions of one nation and shows its best qualities.
The plot for the film is clearly well written, but if the budget was at the level of Disney's Aladdin, then the film would be in the tops around the world, while everything is super and super at home. I personally did not lose too much from the diversity of eastern life, which was clearly given little time, in general, the director wanted to show the history of one people and he did it and it is worth saying that not many in neighboring states shoot something like this without any crooked subtext.
You will be even more surprised that the film was made by filmmakers from Uzbekistan. The Uzbeks have always been a hardworking people who lived on the land and cultivated it in the driest region of the Earth.
The film seems to show the time when the nomadic Mongols, a kind of advanced army of Genghis Khan, wandered into Asia. It was the 13th century.
You can watch the film with the whole family, although there are saber fights here, but everything is so filmed that the children watch and the scenes seem to them like fragments of an ordinary historical fairy tale. Once again, it is probably worth saying that the film would probably have turned out much better if the funding had been good, and so the film was essentially drawn on the skill of the actors and director. I would love to see the same movie, but in an improved version:)) To dream as if it is not harmful, it is harmful not to dream at all! And for this reason, I really liked what I have!
Actors in the east are ordinary, but if you compare their game with the European acting school, then everything would probably not work at all, even at the level that it is. For a country like Uzbekistan, this picture is super! Super solution! I especially want to say thank you to the director Abduvohid Ganiev, he did everything just super, he is a good master!
If you decide to buy chips and sodas for children,and a large and fat bream for German beer, then this picture is just what your family will gather in a single lump of happiness for the evening on the weekend!
If there are scenes when someone's head was cut off, then it will not be possible to understand it immediately, since it is not in the foreground, but somewhere in the depth of the frame and so with all the violence, it is in the frame, but it does not catch the eye, and therefore does not injure the psyche of children.
If we talk about the plot, then it is simple.
A boy lives in the village, his father is a warrior, and he is raised by his grandfather, since his mother was killed when he was young. When the Mongols came to their village, they killed their father, and beheaded Bahadir. My grandfather was once a warrior, too, but then he learned the art of weapons and began to forge weapons. The guy's name was Mukbil, although he trained in the skill of archery and slashing with a sword, but along the way he studied foreign languages and tried to write poetry. In general, it was a very differently developed man.
The guy dreamed of the Phoenix bird and as a result, his fate in a certain sense repeated the fate of the Phoenix bird, he essentially lost everyone and rose from the ashes.
When the wedding ceremony was held for him and the girl, the Mongols attacked the Turket tribe,killed everyone, took the girls captive, and decided to force my grandfather to forge blades for the enemy. The grandfather did not want to and cut out one eye, which had little effect, and only the fact that the girl, the wife of his grandson, was captured and could be harmed forced him to forge something for the enemy.
As a result, our guy was afraid of the attack and ran away, and this saved him. Who he could have buried, and then he became a bek and began to gather an army to punish the enemies, which eventually happened! An interesting film on a historical theme, I definitely advise you to watch it. It is on YouTube in full, the picture was released in 2019. For fans of historical films.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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