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Christmas week 2019 review-writing about the film

Christmas week 2019 review-writing about the film If you are reading this review about the movie "Christmas week 2019", then you obviously love American cinema very much. American cinema is just the kind of movie that charges everyone with positive emotions and encourages them to live exactly as shown in the film. It is difficult to imagine any other way. I especially liked the movie "Christmas week 2019", which is just a movie with a Christmas theme.
The whole scene is played out in a small family resort in the mountains, this is a resort that was inherited by those who now manage it and everything that happens here, everything happens as in a fairy tale. The film is colorful, the cast is very different, and given that the background is very positive and the beauty is in every place, it looks all in one breath. The film is not created for you to think and strain your brains, the film is created to relax and enjoy what you might see if you worked for capitalists in the real, capitalist world.
From the very start, the film has a lot of positive things, you immediately get to the reception of the hotel, which is managed by a father and daughter. The daughter helps her father with business because he clearly can't cope alone, because there are more than enough people who want to come and relax in this cozy place. The audience of the next arrival is more than interesting, two sisters without towers, an Indian girl with a servant-grandmother, and a couple of characters are also interesting in a sense.
And what's next in the story? And then, day after day, you watch the jokes that happen to hotel guests. There is a lot of entertainment and to go everywhere and see everything there is not enough time in General and everyone is in a hurry, hurry and make people laugh. If you think that this is an ordinary American movie, not at all, it's more of a Hollywood with elements of American cinema, there are concerts and songs and dances, there are a lot of them. All this is because the actors here are selected by different nationalities. Probably in our Russian film to meet a Negro for a curiosity, but he is there and in figs is not needed, and in American cinema without Negroes it is impossible to create a funny movie:)))
Artist Melissa Joan HART plays the role of Holly, a role on the theme of everything is realistic, which means a skilled actor. Other actors are also not bad in the picture fit, but we will not tell about them, they are all like strings in a big rope, and Holly is the thickest rope in it! There are children and wives here, the dog was made up as a deer, it turned out quite well.
Everyone is dressed as if for the winter. But all are removed without hats, see the winter there is warmer than it seems. The hotel is really beautifully decorated, clearly prepared thoroughly for the new Year. Of the quizzes, I liked the "Gingerbread House Quiz". Skiing and sledding is also not bad to try. Santa surprised everyone, because he famously descended from the mountain at the right time.
I think the film would not have turned out so colorful if it were not for nature, mountains and nature in the film are used as much as possible. Incidents at the resort with vacationers on the lift, then on the descent from the mountain, then near the Christmas tree or in the recreation room. In General, it is funny and fun all the time, everything is accompanied by songs and music. The main thing is not to relax, then there is something that happens. In the film, there is no vulgarity and various not worthy nonsense, even a child can understand everything.
The Director tells from the words of the screenwriter of love, about how to build a family relationship, even to some extent gives advice on how to properly develop your own business. Everything happens in a simple and Intrusive atmosphere. The film turned out to be good for raising the mood.
If you decide to watch the film" Christmas week 2019 " with the whole family, then so be it, everyone will like the film, it may even be loved by those who are fixated on Indian cinema. The film is very cool, but for one viewing.

Christmas week 2019 review

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