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The Alien from the Fairy Tale 2019-Polish version:)

The Alien from the Fairy Tale 2019-Polish version:) If briefly about the film, it turns out that by some ridiculous accident, Franek and Iza find themselves in a not too pleasant situation, and moreover, in addition, it is worth saying that you do not need to be superman at all to find yourself in any fabulously ridiculous situation. Really believing in a fairy tale, at some stage of existence you find yourself in the same fairy tale that you have been dreaming about for so long and what is most interesting, there is no way back. In general, believing in a fairy tale, the guys on occasion turned on the right song on an old gramophone and thereby revived a fairy-tale creature from the distant land of Oblivio. It probably wouldn't be interesting if this "character" wasn't being chased by some bounty hunters. While a certain creature and our guys, then they are also being hunted by those same fabulous bounty hunters.
These same hunters very severely want to punish the fugitive himself, and if someone interferes with them to implement their plans, they will easily use their formidable weapons and split the enemy into atoms.
So it turns out that these are not very pleasant times for Franco and Ize, and danger is waiting for them around every corner.
According to the message that is offered in most of the Polish filmmakers, our Russian brother does not like much. Increasingly, Polish cinema is deviating from the principles of morality, which few people like from a society that lives according to the canons that respect family and marriage. The same film "I mean the fairy tale about the alien!" is quite possible to watch,there is nothing that would irritate a Russian person here.
The film was shot a couple of years ago and it came to us with a big delay, probably only because in reality we were also in a fairy tale for a while, which is called no other than " Cover your mouth with a mask!". Thanks to this "fairy tale", the film" The Alien from the Fairy Tale 2019 " reached the cinemas of Russia in 2021. He got there only in gray quality, and on the big screen the picture can be seen only in early March.
The Polish film industry does not work on the principle of Hollywood, films in Poland are not made as often as we would like, but if they do, they are clearly trying to make a film of high quality. I think knowing that Polish films are just a rarity, you will at least want to see this novelty.
The author of the fairy tale is a little-known director Tomasz Szafranski, he did not make the film for a narrow circle, this is a film for the whole family to watch. Even children from 6 years old are allowed to view this picture.
The director was clearly shooting a comedy with fantasy elements, it turned out to be simple and not intrusive, you look and do not think about anything. At some stage, the film catches you and indicates that you are just sleeping and do not follow the scene or the actors ' performance. This is usually how I watch cartoons, just the ones I've seen a dozen times before.
In general, if you decide to look for a movie for the weekend, to watch it with the whole big and friendly family, then this picture is just what you need.
You will get acquainted with the Skoda teenagers Franek and Izka, they are the ones who get into all sorts of adventures. It all starts after the guys turn on some old gramophone. As soon as the gramophone started working, Eddie appeared on the Ground, and behind him there is just a serious chase, bounty hunters are on their heels and do not stop at anything. Eddie came to Earth from some other Land called Oblivio.
The guys helping Eddie became accomplices and part-time targets of hunting for evil bounty hunters.
The film "Alien from a Fairy Tale 2019" is definitely interesting to watch for adults, it will also be very pleasant for your children!

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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