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Review essay about the film - My adventure with Santa 2019

Review essay about the film - My adventure with Santa 2019 If you don't read a review of the movie, you will probably stop watching it in the first minute, it is too primitive. It even seemed to me that the producer did not have enough money to make the fairy-tale world of elves as realistic as possible. Everything is boring, primitive and not fabulous. Somewhere far away in an ordinary fairy-tale world lives not quite a prosperous family. Two children are preparing for Christmas in the company of their father. Mom at work fucking oligarchs or maybe capitalists are constantly detained after work, she very often comes home later than usual. Dad is angry, of course! Children perceive the situation differently, they take a pen and a piece of paper and write a big letter about help to the North pole, to Santa Claus himself. In fact, I did not have to write much, the request is only about one thing, children are worried about their family and would not want their parents to swear at trifles from capitalists who pay little and make them work more than they should. Santa probably would have done everything in the best possible way much earlier, but he has his own problems. The evil sorceress decided to make a coup in a country where for many years only Santa ruled with good intentions. In order to solve problems both there and there, Santa takes Sammy and Jen as assistants and together they go to the lair of the evil sorceress to crack her code and change the course of the game in the right, familiar way. It would seem that in theory the film should be chic, but in fact two children and a grandfather with a beard are on duty at some burrow in a snowdrift. They send a little girl to the rear of the sorceress, who, having made her way into the lair of enemies, must put some toy suitcase somewhere, that the game that the evil sorceress is playing has somehow magically ended. Everything would be super, but everything is so clumsily done that even about the fairy tale in the course of the play as you forget. Now there are many different tapes about Christmas, there is something to watch and the choice is good, so you can always find a tape to your liking and the quality of perception. I like that all American films about Christmas exude a positive note, they just fill every family with a positive mood at Christmas. Often movies are wrapped around everyday topics with small elements of magic and mysticism, but sometimes it goes on a different scenario. They create a fairy-tale film, and worldly destinies are woven into it. This is what happened in the movie "My adventure with Santa 2019", in a real fairy tale made clumsily inserted several characters from our real time. The idea is positive, the implementation is clumsy! As a result, the film was released for a children's audience, you can watch it, but there is no entertainment at all. I probably like the fact that the film still instills the fact that no matter how cool, but the good in life wins over the evil, and this is an irreversible process. I read some interesting reviews about this film, one story is more interesting than another, all for some reason in the film saw cool graphics? WHERE IT is THERE* Everything is done on the knee, not because they did not want to make a good movie, but simply because the money was apparently spent on the implementation of the script is not so much. Children watching "My adventure with Santa 2019" will clearly continue to believe that somewhere on the edge of the World there is a place where elves work creating gifts for good children. The fight against evil unites one family, which is bursting at the seams because of the arbitrariness of capitalism. The evil sorceress in the film called La Befana, according to the creators, is always at war with Santa for sitting on the throne. In General, the film is definitely in the trash, if there is absolutely nothing to watch, then you can try to get pleasure from the contemplation of this wonderful in which everything can be and anything can happen.

My adventure with Santa 2019

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