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Review-essay about the movie Sweet Christmas novel 2019

Review-essay about the movie Sweet Christmas novel 2019 Christmas is a sweet time. Candy and cookie time. Sweets from store shelves on Christmas eve are scattered with great enthusiasm, and if the production of sweets itself has a great history, then even if you do not like sweets, you will still buy for the sake of showing or giving such a unique gift to your family and friends.
On Christmas and new year's eve, probably only evil elves do not like to watch melodramas and fairy tales about happiness and the Christmas season on TV. The EU and the US are preparing for Christmas on a huge scale, probably no other world has such a desire to believe in a Christmas miracle as in the most economically developed countries. We also like to decorate the city for Christmas, but this is not what you would see if you were in a large Western metropolis.
Now even the very tradition of decorating the Christmas tree for the New Year is trying to pervert, allegedly the tree is a symbol of death. For centuries, decorating a Christmas tree was positive, and now it's a symbol of death. Even so, what prevents cities from decorating with garlands and festive mood? One word - CHRISTMAS, for children and adults a lot of positive things. The film I'm going to tell you about was made in America. Everything revolves around the culinary theme. On Christmas eve, Holi, a culinary stylist, comes to visit his Parents in his childhood city. It is a law for a girl to come to her Parents for Christmas, she loves the spirit of Christmas and understands that it remains only in small and cozy towns, in large megacities only a bright sign remains, everything else has long escaped from there. The town where Holi grew up is not a large settlement, whose residents live by history and tourism. This town came as well and the chef and pastry chef Brad, he's just found far away from the bustle in the cosy restaurant a good job. The plot, although it does not smell original and is quite predictable, but still looks not bad because of the well-coordinated game of the cast.
For example, I didn't even know that for a photo session, dishes need to be made up in the same way, and apparently for this reason they look at us so appetitively from labels and supermarket shelves. The cult of consumption penetrated everywhere, and the cult of food consumption so generally turned the whole of America. There are far more fat and obese people in this developed country. Than you can even imagine.
This movie reminds me of the cooking show "Hell's kitchen", only here the battle will not go on knives for the right to be the best cook in the show. The film shows the zest of Christmas, the zest that most people with money don't have. You are usually given and given what you do not need, but everything is not so. Take the bakery if you like it, but follow our condition, and if you win the competition, then your bakery is completely free.
While watching the movie, I remembered about cookies with vanilla and cinnamon ten times and if it was at home, I would probably eat it with double pleasure. The film without different tantrums, 100% positive action, which is designed to create a good mood in the soul. I like these movies, but they are probably more suitable for those who are not yet creating Christmas themselves, but waiting for sweet gifts from the Christmas season. The teenage audience will be seen in seventh heaven from such a film. A film about love, Christmas and culinary delights will help you pass the evening and cheer you up. if you like the theme of fairy tales, then be sure to watch this amazing show. Movies in 2019 about Christmas just a shaft, today I found time and watched "Sweet Christmas novel 2019", charged with positive for the whole Christmas week.
You might be interested to know why romance is sweet? Yes, probably so decided the Director or screenwriter, because the main scene takes place in a bakery and everyone is constantly eating sweet cookies. The movie is an hour and a half long, you won't even have time to get tired as the movie ends.
The actors are not selected in the best possible way, I would get rid of the African-American actor layer in this film, as I do not like too much to have black faces in Santa hats flashed from the crane at Christmas. The film goes on, the actors in the course of the play change their views on the world around them. Everything is very, very positive. I recommend this film to those who love movies about Christmas and just can't live without sweet cookies.

Sweet Christmas novel 2019

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