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Santa Nicole - fantasy Comedy

Santa Nicole - fantasy Comedy The film is a fairy tale about how preparations for the celebration of Christmas in the Kingdom of Santa Claus at the North Pole. Live itself in a small magic village with commodity monetary relations in the form of coins from chocolate in Golden foil and not think nor about than. Everyone is preparing a good mood for the rest of the world. Almost like warm Israel, only at the base of the fraction:)) Until Christmas remains not so perishing much time, and here for what the reason the old are a good Santa Claus glued flippers. The good Santa had a son and daughter, the old Council of elves decides according to the local laws pass the Santa hat it was the son in law from father to son. But the fact is that the son does not particularly want to be in the role of Santa, he likes yoga more, he likes to meditate, dream and loaf. As it fell to the sister of the newly made Santa a magazine about travel and for travelers. Nicole, the name of the new Santa`s sister got this magazine from her father last Christmas. To as the please brother and cure his spleen, to he in good mood became razvozit gifts children, sister proposed brother for ban to go in not large journey on recreation. My brother did so, took the flying deer and the cart and flew to Phoenix. Further even more interesting, so as him not too the and like to return home, then decided to to remain in Phoenix on permanent residence, and deer to float home. So it happened, after a while the deer themselves flew home, and Christmas was under threat in consequence of the fact that Santa was not Santa at all and a yoga teacher. In the absence of Santa, the Council of elves makes a disastrously wrong decision, an it technician is appointed to the position of Santa. Further all at all with steeply wrapped. Programmer and Santa in one person writes an application with AI and it reveals on the basis of actions which of the children deserves a gift, and who does not. As a result, only 3 thousand children should receive gifts from the entire world kindergarten. Economically and deer drive is not necessary. And the gifts will float on an ice floe with a GPS Navigator and a cohort of seals as a drive and sail. The idea can be impregnated with practicality, because only the laziest programmers become programmers of the highest order, the rest just lick the cream from the edges of the plate. The people in revolt, requires the return of old Santa, and Nicole goes to Phoenix in search of his brother. There with it happened many interesting things and thanks to magic, which she has in blood she in end all same has found his brother with the help Negro detective. When his brother was found, everyone was happy, but when Nicole heard his last decision about where he wants to live and who he wants to be, her pubic hair stood on end. Nicole had no choice but to use the heavy artillery. Brother here same learned, that Christmas as celebration under question from for Santa-Programmer, that children not will laughing and rejoice at, that at all a New Year under question. Decided to go back to the pole of cold and offer a different solution to the problem. As usual, some dream, others decide. And in the course of the film and happened. The brother wanted a reformation, and it happened, but a little out of script. There`s not much time left until Christmas, and my brother can`t control the reindeer, and he can`t get into the chimney with the presents. And the magic has not mastered at all. The elves on the case looked at it and decided the entire Council to appoint as Santa Nicole, the daughter of the last really successful Santa. Nicole prepares, teaches everything and goes to give gifts. The whole movie is just good, because a company like Disney does not make bad movies. There is no in movie propaganda tolerance or what still, he simply a good the film, advise necessarily the entire family watch American the film Nicole-2019.

Nicole (2019) | Трейлер

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