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Feedback: The film " Heart of the dragon: Retribution" (2020)

Feedback: The film If you believe in magic, then mysticism is your favorite direction in cinema, and for this reason today I will tell you just a fairy tale in the film well in this perspective. Magic as such in the movie "Heart of the dragon: Retribution" (2020) not so much, but the film itself was not worse for me, so it's quite a good movie considering that in our days of bad movies much more than good shooting to all and Sundry, had the money and skill was not, and no.
If you love the Saga "Heart of the dragon", then the fifth part has already been released, you can sit back and contemplate the next masterpiece in your favorite angle. If I did not like the movie, I would not tell you about it on the site, but it just so happened, I was looking for something new to watch and came across on one of the sites on the torrent of this film, downloaded and saw that the film is quite good for viewing in the company of children. As for me, everything related to mystical creatures I like, especially about dragons. Probably in a world where most minds have a movie about wise creatures interesting to watch. Perhaps it is very good that such wise beings are trying to reason with the human society for a good cause. "Heart of the dragon: Retribution" (2020) this is both fiction and mysticism and real fairy-tale adventures, children will watch and reflect on good and evil, everything will not be so boring, jokes are at every step. After watching the next series about dragons, you immediately want another one and as a result you are looking forward to another masterpiece in this regard. I think that if you like this series of films, then you will definitely like the next solution.
Briefly about the storyline:

The scenario is simple to madness, the whole theme boils down to the fact that you need to find four murderers who killed a boy's family. Murderers are not very simple, each in their own repertoire, each in some bad way developed. One is called "bear", he seems to be the strongest of the group of bandits. Strong and stupid all in one package. The second character who needs to be killed is a Snake, it is cunning and insidious. There are also masters in their repertoire, but you will learn about them if you watch the entire film.
The movie is spectacular, the shooting quality is at the proper level.

Especially well made scenes with the participation of computer graphics artists, the dragon they clearly turned out to be quite realistic. There are also different effects, they are also not bad made. It is clear that the time was spent on creating special images and money was not spent on it.
There is almost no high-quality fantasy at this time, except for the Witcher or Game of thrones. The Lord of the rings isn't bad either, but that's where the list ends. "Heart of the dragon: Retribution" (2020) is not as cool as what was listed earlier, but it is quite a worthwhile movie.
Many reviews have been written about this picture, but they are not as good as I think. Everyone curses him for the fact that the budget is small and that everything is not super as a result. I do not think that the dragon is not real or the shooting suffered from a small budget. The dragon speaks in a funny voice of Helen Bonham Carter, it's almost fabulous. The film is not delayed, it is only 1.5 hours, I think you will not get bored during this time, because fantasy does not tolerate sleep while watching the movie.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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