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Bloodshot 2020 movie-review after watching the movie

Bloodshot 2020 movie-review after watching the movie The film in General is not bad, the plot is fantastic, but not particularly impressed. There are not many idiots, the topic of nanites has been exploited by everyone for a long time and for this reason the interest is not so great. Although the film brought together the most interesting in my opinion team of actors, in General it turned out something unexpected.
VIN Diesel playing Bloodshot as the postno themselves behaves, there is no have him was charisma. There are jokes, but they are flat, they can be hung on the wall and admired as paintings. Everything is beautiful and dynamic, but the plot is direct and predictable, which is not too happy. This is not action, but simple chatter!
I like to watch movies about fantastic adventures. I like good adventures with good actors. VIN Diesel's participation in such pictures as the cherry on the wedding cake. VIN Diesel is a great guy in all its parameters, in this kind of movie he just starred. I wanted to go and watch a movie with VIN diesel in the theater, but because I thought that there is no point in paying if you can watch the big plasma lying on the couch at home, although the event itself happened a little later. If you love science fiction, then the movie "Bloodshot" (2020) is clearly your theme, although only for once:)
Perhaps you should stop at the storyline and teach the writers and Directors to reason.
The case as usual unfolds where according to the Director there are terrorists on every corner. A soldier with a good reputation is trying to free the hostages. Time after time, operations are carried out with marks on the body, then there is a scar or injury. One day the bandits manage to find out his name and they kidnap him, and to make the soldier ray garrison more pliable, they kidnap his girlfriend along with him. Then everything is fabulously invented, the last thing ray managed to see in this life is the death of a girl and the death of himself.
After watching the film to the end, you understand that everything was originally set up and even the death of the soldier. While the soldier himself did not know anything about it, everything was according to the script, and when he found out, everything changed dramatically.
Once in the lab and getting a second chance ray now seems to be working for some Corporation eliminating competitors. Ray is not quite what he was before, his blood doesn't have the usual human blood that we all know about. In the veins and veins flows a synthetic substance consisting of very small, programmed to build skin cells robots. There are billions of them and they feed on energy that is worth thinking about sometimes. The usual soup and borscht here is no longer rolled, here you need something more advanced. It's not really private ray anymore, it's Bloodshot.
Bloodshot follows the instructions of the rst Corporation, now it has a unique, non-killable fighter at its disposal. Each time Bloodshot gets a program to destroy someone and each time the developers write him a new program based on previously experienced experience. After each special task, the memory is erased and Bloodshot almost does not remember anything about their tasks, so it probably would have always been if the idea of the film was not inserted into the hacker programmer, who turns everything upside down and as a result, the film ends on a positive note.
I will not tell you everything in order, everything is already laid out in the film by Director Dave Wilson as it is in its own order:) This is the first experience of the Director and probably for this reason, the picture as a pancake turned out to be crumpled. Still, I want to believe and apparently it will be so with this film, another talented Director was born.

Bloodshot movie Trailer

If you liked the publication, please give attention to the author:) thank you !

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