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The film is a parody of the fairy tale "Humpback Horse"

The film is a parody of the fairy tale According to the fairy tale "The Hunchback Horse", many films were made and it seems to me that the further along the time line, the more different unnecessary layers appear on the fairy tale. The fact that the Russian filmmakers shot in 2021 does not go through any gates either in terms of the quality of the dialogues or the quality of the picture, and if you have read the book "The Humpback Horse" at all, you will be surprised that the plot was greatly reduced. So reduced that it is difficult even to consider this fairy tale as a parody of previously released films, it just sucks! In theory, the book describes many times more funny moments, but our writers and actors either have a sense of humor, or you need to laugh at the word "shovel". I personally would not have gone to see this miracle in the cinema, if not for the positive reviews on otzovik.ru, something seems to me that this site with reviews is more like a garbage dump than reality and truthfulness. What is not a review, then a laudatory and, as it seems to me, a custom-made ode. Well, judge for yourself, "The Humpback Horse 2021" has several reviews there and everything is just super. In general, I went to see this miracle and quality and was shocked, if this is a miracle and this is quality, then what is not quality and not a miracle? If you like fairy tales, then do not watch this squalor, it is better to watch the first or second part of "THE LAST HERO". At least you can watch it, and also by the way, Russian talents were filmed. In general, I look and wonder, the king seems to be the king, but he does such things that it seems that he is either a fool, or according to the script it should be so:) They obviously spent a lot of money on the costumes, because the costumes are just super, although they are still as far from Disney as Kiev crustaceans. The only thing I remember is that so many artists were easy to recognize, but the way they played their roles was something. Either they drank a little, or they drank a lot, or something else. Efremov in the role of the king is worse than ever. Although the king in the book of harmful and arrogant and Ephraim all like the book, the king turned and arrogant (horses pressed and Ivan with them too), and the audacity he had not seen little of all that the tale does not smell, and what policy or policies bloom from stalling. Who is the king? What kingdom? In general, there are many complaints about the king. It also seemed to me that Efremov's voice is not native, what did he drink his own? The voice is similar to the voice of Burunov, as I really do not like this. In general, not all freaks in the circus of freaks, there are also talented ones, but there are not as many of them as we would like. I liked the game of Paulina Andreeva, aa Horse hunchback, so generally lovely! Ivanaa the fool was played by the actor as well, it seems not bad, but he is somehow remotely similar to Russky, rather some kind of Latvian or Pole, well, not Ivan for sure! IVAN's father and his brothers here they are, as it seems to me, very well fit into the roles and they will definitely be taken into a fairy tale! Author Yershov wrote or created this amazing fairy tale, so you can go to the show with your children, they will have fun. In general, it used to be possible for children to read this fairy tale, but now they take care of their psyche and removed the scene with the cauldron:)) Everyone can watch it, but the fairy tale no longer arouses the interest that the book does. By the way, I advise you to first read the fairy tale about the humpback horse with your child, and then go to watch the film, because the child will not understand clearly what the film is about, it is too much cut and shortened by force. When we went to this film, many children asked why the book is like this, and the film is different, and here the most interesting thing begins, parents are now forced to take the blame for the filmmakers who twisted the book beyond recognition and created nonsense that even children do not believe.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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