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Miss Granny is a movie with elements of fantasy

 Miss Granny is a movie with elements of fantasy Magic like not only the Europeans with their set of wizards and fairies, even in South Korea respected fantasy magic. Recently a couple of years ago they shot a Comedy movie in the style of fantasy. In principle, this is a fairy tale, but with elements of magic, so if there is a desire to laugh and have fun with funny old witch, feel free to download the movie "Miss Granny" and magic magic you for half an hour guaranteed.
I will only add only one thing, to understand a movie is hard if you are a European, the film was not created under our mentality. If you are over 40, you`re understand, but if you`re younger than 30, you this Comedy will seem something boring and nothing worthy set of frames in the tape.
In his youth, supply of the self-energy is so great that the people do not think about the waste when over the years the resource is reduced, thoughts are born completely different. The young do not see in the mirror the bags under the eyes, they have no stench from the mouth, their teeth are whole, until old age is still far. When you old people, you either love it for the mind for his behavior, or do not love nor like. It turns out that if we are young, we do not understand old age, but when we are old, we think with nostalgia about his youth and very well understand those who do not understand us:))
Probably hard to imagine looking at an old grandmother walking with a hunchback grandfather that when in the past she was a super model in the skirt, and he played in the band on guitar and groupies he had more than enough. It can be termed as the paradox of time or magic time. On the one hand youth is relative, and on the other hand time is relative. If you are counting the minutes and track the time, then for you it obviously goes faster, but if you are happy and don`t look at the watch, then for such time does not exist, it is as if giving is slowing down to enjoy moments of happiness. Although grandma and grandpa walking on the street are barely, their soul is not old, she just got smarter and a little stronger. The same thoughts, but not the shell. It`s the same feeling as if you are riding around town on the 200 merc suddenly boarded a 600 and went high-speed autobahn. The difference will be huge.
Often in the elderly a bad mood, their "machine" is fuzzy, repairing it will not be because of spare parts not released. In such cases, to do? And let`s imagine that you are a wizard and that`s saying intricate phrase the old woman back into a young girl. She has great experience, a lot of developed talent and she`s young. Just magic and fairytale, a girl all roads lead to success. Young, so it is possible to fall in love and to be happy again and be with the one you love "young grandfather." In this tape you will meet the Grandmother of a girl who does not know, and her life is just a thrill. The real tale, no magic here is not done. Few people can believe in such, but a Director with a script writer came up with and even implemented this tale for us and they turned out very great. The film, though magical, but it is created to bring you that magic is real, it is real for those who believe in her absolutely. For all other magic is here viewing these funny fantasy movies with a smile on her face. You can sit on the bench and dream about beauty, and you can just be beautiful. Saw the difference? If you do not see, from the magic of you very, very far away, so far that we can`t even see her heels. If you are in the subject, you at least successful person in life without knowing why. How high you build your life as it builds this super young grandma. All good viewing and mastered mood.

Miss Granny Official Trailer

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