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A film about the sorceress Maleficent

A film about the sorceress  Maleficent If you want to watch a movie, then be sure to go read reviews online, but you do not even suspect that all the reviews on the top customized, moreover without the special promotion to the top nor never will see your, even the most excellent writing creation. In General, you understand that on such sites as otzovik.com and the like to look for a truthful review a more expensive. I don`t promote my reviews for the money as do the above described and similar sites, I`m just telling what I saw and what we liked in the theme of magic and sorcery, and you since you attacked my resource add it to your favorites, because next time it did not find in Yandex:))

So, today I will tell you about the magic, a little magic with black humor, the movie is called "Maleficent".

A film about magic and I really liked it, so I will describe my feelings in some logical sequence, all done in order for you to understand everything and not confused or anything:)
It seems to me that the film was conceived for the General public, that it was possible to watch the whole family. So, I say that this implementation was quite successful. The film "Maleficent" is equally interesting for both children and adults. Children love kind and funny, the film is a lot of fairy princesses, different magical fairies and all that fairy tales can be found in a wide variety. Something that you can even be attributed to the world of fantasy. The king, a dark, locked himself in his stone castle, dark, "Maleficent" is similar to Darth Vader in a skirt, a constant war different magical clans. If there was a lot of that one movie you could throw it in the trash, and make a pretty good diluted with Director magic soup of different magical ingredients. Suggest parents let you watch this film, nor that it isn`t such that it would be possible to limit the logo "12+".

Those who have seen the film "Maleficent" and read Russian fairy tales, probably saw the similarity between the fairy tale "Sleeping beauty", all the same, with a different visualization. In any case, the end of the same, good triumphs over evil and all happily feasting. The victory so to say, too, there is the original direction, the film is slightly tightened, but 1.5 hours you obviously endure in order to see the final scene.

The idea of the film as a pitchfork, all is divided into three areas. Dividing good and evil as if absent, but sorcerers and wizards clearly there. It at least means that the film created for children. As usual there`s a mean witch Maleficent, who all are fighting, she fights not just because she was offended and she was offended. How else to be, if you stole and dragged most expensive. Many liked Maleficent because she is in fact not a bad character, and how she solves the issues it is her own business. Sometimes she seems good and sometimes evil, in General, in her good and evil 50: 50. There is also love, a girl and a boy, someone who clearly loves. Love is not always reciprocal, and not all happy. In this case, the boy the girl cheated. The cheating cut off her wings, that`s what happens if love is not divided.. Now the girl can not fly, except in dreams. Treatment as it is, it is only necessary again to love and to let love into your life. Differently even in fairy tales does not happen. Children instills this film is the honesty and the notion that we can only allow ourselves to love, but to get you, but it`s almost happiness is far-fetched.

To some extent this film can be called a film about love in a broad sense, I love the diverse adaptation of fairy tales about happy princesses and charming princes. About the cons of this movie I will not write, they`re in every picture is, it is important for them not to pay attention, there is no perfect writers and Directors, but there is an ideal audience, who see what they want to see, and if what you want to see on the screen there, and then we can come up with during the preview of the next tales:) thank you:)) Watch the film Maleficent.

Disney`s Maleficent - Official Trailer

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