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Fuchsia, the teenage witch

Fuchsia, the teenage witch Film Fuchsia, the teenage witch, the fairy tale about the magic, if you like this theme and would like their young children to watch a interesting film about magic, this tape is just what is worth to see. The plot is quite interesting, a Wizard Quark finds some interesting egg and examining it finds that it is what it is at least not natural. In fact, it was the magic of it later hatched the little witch Fuchsia. What now with a baby to do, he had to adopt her and educate. The film is more than fabulous, father visits the school of witches, his foster daughter, who hatched from the egg. Fuchsia grew rapidly and soon began to attend a magical school, she would love to learn how to cast spells, but probably the most interesting for her in this plan was the desire to master flying on a broomstick. Training in the school of magic and witchcraft took its course and with time the girl learned to fly on a broom, probably better even than Harry Potter. But as usual magic, it`s not always everything was as I wanted. One Fuchsia that conjured and instead of one, got completely different, the magic it brought to a nearby forest where she met a boy Tommy.
The fact that the meeting happened much Tommy got scared but then fear as it passed and the fellowship of the little girl he has benefited. Then everything is wrapped more than interested in the forest came the evil road builders want to cut down the forest, they need to stop and save the most beautiful trees in the magic forest. Don`t know why this happens, but always feel bad Witches, but a Witch as the name comes from the word "to know", I mean know something about what or who doesn`t know it. In General Witch is a smart girl, woman or grandmother to be afraid of do not need. In tales, the opposite is true, a witch is always bad and always wrong. Fuchsia is actually a fabulous creature and it forces people to reconsider their opinions about witches and what is connected with them. It turns out that not all Witches are mean, some of them good friends and good magicians. Isn`t that a fabulous story, the beginning is what.. Mr. Quark finds some unique egg, and after studying the find, it became clear that this is not just an egg, and house the little witch Fuchsia. In General, I advise you to watch a film with magic here, everything is in order, the tale every step of the way.

Fuchsia, The Mini Witch

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