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The movie Mulan (2020) - review

The movie  Mulan (2020) - review Usually, when searching for a movie, it should be noted that we are always looking for a good movie, we do a lot of browsing on the Internet and read reviews. Reviews are sometimes like fairy tales, which you don't have time to read, but you want to get information about the film. Here is for such a case, I first write a paragraph of a brief review, and then add a little of my five kopecks creating a more capacious idea of the picture in my opinion.
And so, if you like to watch fairy tales on TV, on the big screen, and you like what the Disney company does for You, then the movie "Mulan" will clearly appeal to everyone. Disney always makes movies with a huge panorama, you get the feeling that you are in a fairy tale. This time is no exception. Earlier, namely in 1998, the cartoon of the same name was released, so those who saw this masterpiece, I think they already know the plot of the picture. The film became a kind of interpretation of the cartoon with live artists. The plot of the film is based on a Chinese legend, the events unfolded somewhere deep and far in the history of China. The history of China is clearly invented by the matrix,but this does not prevent you from watching such films in the genre of science fiction. China is already United, all the tribes or almost all stand for the Emperor, but there are still those on the borders of the Empire who would like to destroy China. According to the Director, China is being attacked BY tribes from the North, that is, from somewhere in Mongolia at least. To protect themselves from the enemy, the Emperor collects an army, each family must give the army one warrior. In the city where the Mulan girl lives with her parents, messengers from the Emperor also come. There are no brothers in the Mulan family, and the father has bad legs, so a girl with a strong male energy "QI" decides to protect the Empire. She has been engaged in martial arts since childhood, successfully wielding both a sword and a spear, but there is one catch, such as she is not taken to the army. If you pretend to be a guy and take your father's armor, then you may be lucky and the girl will become a warrior. Then everything is simple, clear... Mulan in the cadet corps of the Imperial army to comprehend the skill in combat skills. While no one knows that Mulan is not a girl, Mulan does not threaten anything.
Well, now a little more detail in the colors and comments. I track Disney movies, I like them, they do not have a strong propaganda of non-traditional values, and this appeals to me. This time, the film from Walt Disney Pictures - Mulan 2020 became the same masterpiece as in the past, the picture "Aladdin". This is not a fairy tale from a cartoon, this is a serious film that you can watch even for children from 6 years old. The author of this wonderful picture is Director Niki Caro.
The film tells that in a distant and God-forsaken China, and even adjusted for the time lives a beautiful girl Mulan. No matter what, but she was born with the skills of a fighter,in fact, became a warrior from childhood. First she chased chickens around the yard with a stick, then she became a warrior with real weapons. She even manages to fraudulently become a soldier in the Imperial army, save the lives of many of her comrades, and eventually get an offer from the Emperor to become an officer of the Imperial guard.
Such honors and offers are not given so easily, even in a fabulous and non-existent China, you need to show your best side to earn the trust of the Emperor.
Watching a movie directed by Niki Caro is better on the big screen, it involves a lot of big scenes that are best viewed on the big screen. The cinema will be allowed even with a child who understands what a movie is. There are no scenes of violence or they are somewhere in the fog and in the background. A lot of special effects, the plot is quite interesting assembled from pieces, and the dialogues seem completely complete. The film was watched in one breath, and the children even forgot about the seeds. In all respects, this is the usual film adaptation of the cartoon with the same name. However, a little changed the subject, now there are no barbarians in the form of Huns, the film introduced some kind of fairy-tale witch, who will eventually become a very cute and responsible character. In the film, everything is extremely realistic, everything is based on the ability of a person. You should forget about all sorts of dragons! Especially worth stopping at the musical accompaniment, songs from Disney are not rolled here, everything here is more like movies from Europe. Chinese actress Liu Yifei in this film played the main character, she turned out everything just fine, apparently affected by the experience of the last picture "Forbidden Kingdom 2008". If you are currently looking for a good movie for family viewing, then this picture is just in the theme, everyone will like it, everyone will be very excited.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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