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Is it worth watching the movie "Wonder Woman 2-1984"

Is it worth watching the movie Not many people today like good movies, probably everything happens only because the filmmakers earn not on the quality, but on the number of films, and this is not exactly what a normal society needs. Here this picture is nothing more than pornography on fantasy or just a stupid comedy with fantasy elements. In this case, the film is kept on special effects, everything else is garbage from the writers. This is my brief personal opinion about this picture. I stopped watching it after 10 minutes. Everything is very primitive done.
Smart and talented people write the following about this picture.
Everything revolves around a rich (whom everyone should be envious of) person who has a lot of money and spends it on various kinds of purchases, in this case, this materialist buys old artifacts. A friend is interested in a certain artifact that would give great power to the owner of such a curiosity. If you think more broadly, then of course it would also not hurt to be immortal, in general, a person is busy searching for an entrance to a fairy tale. Money is power, but God has much more power, and so our businessman decided to try to become an earthly God. One would be our hero, neither of which would obviously not found him konechno help his friends and comrades. As the assistant to the Lord came across some strange artifact that turned her into a catwoman, with a completely uncontrollable temper and aggression. After the businessman's assistant became a cat, she only thinks about how to kill this very Lord. Clearly, he just wants to avenge me! That's how it all happens, in short.
All look beautiful, thanks to colorful costumes and amazing computer effects. The first part of the film looks terribly boring, the second on the contrary is a little dynamic and in some ways even fascinates the viewer. The name "Wonder Woman" alone is worth it. Wonder Woman Diana, as it turns out, is an ordinary woman, works at the institute and dines in a familiar restaurant, often everything happens in her proud solitude. In normal life, she is Diana, but sometimes on occasion fights with local bandits in the image of "Wonder Woman". Small thieves are already quite tired, I want to fight with something more grandiose Diana, as it turns out, does not just live and work on Earth together with Barbara, she is a warrior by nature and she is the daughter of the God Zeus. Along the way, our businessman almost squandered all the money in search of the stone of dreams, yet finds an artifact in the very institute where our Wonder Woman works.
Few people knew about the abilities of this stone, everyone on occasion wished and wishes were fulfilled, in general, from this position everything begins to spin very quickly. Those who track films in which different kinds of supermen are shot a lot, they are all somewhat similar to each other, in some ways different. The movie "Wonder Woman" is just from this series. Many of my friends have watched this film and all the impressions, it seems to me, are completely different.
Wonder Woman in her role embodied both beauty and power, and this probably bribed most of the audience.
"Wonder Woman 1984" is the second part, previously something similar has already been released, and apparently won the market bringing the creators quite a bit of money. Movies look like comedies, probably only because they were created not according to some script, but according to comics. If you like this kind of reading, then the film will fly by in one breath, two hours and the package is submissive and you are delighted!
I would certainly be able to describe the film step by step and tell you in more detail what happened and at what minute, but something tells me that after such a fairy tale in my performance, you will not spend on a ticket at all and will not deign to watch the picture on the big screen. I'll give you a little choice, the intrigue is sown, and then it's your choice!

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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