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ALIEN: REIGN OF MAN (2017) The film tells the story about the astronauts who flew to a distant planet in search of the ancient artifact, a crystal which is a huge power maker. The film that is difficult to understand clearly who is the Creator of what you`re looking for, where jokes, where as if a serious dialogue of the characters.
The plot already seems a distant future, humanity is already full through the Universe and apparently repeatedly faced with the alien and other great forms of life.
The theme unfolds on a planet where the landscape is similar to the Arctic, where water is in a liquid state, but at night very very cold. Even the astronauts suits outside the base do not save, but it does not prevent the astronauts what to look for during its search for a contact in the local life form. After landing on the planet the astronauts are faced with a different form of life, it`s huge tusks with the monsters that everything else is not mind eating human flesh.
If a planet is inhabited, it is immediately obvious. As soon as a person landed on this planet, I immediately felt that the expedition`s not in splendid isolation, what`s next someone has and that someone is not a friendly dwarf from the underworld. Scary, that`s for sure. But in such risky expeditions will not send cowards and the expedition is not interrupted, and is developing at full speed. The astronauts learn everything along the way, for whom everything is new, and for whom the last refuge in the stomach of a horrible monster. At some stage everyone starts to understand that if they don`t fly away from here in the near future, will become food for the monsters and no one shall know about this mysterious full adventure world.
In order to win the local life-forms, need to be smart, nimble and make decisions very quickly. As if the story itself is not bad, but if you watch the movie, everything is so poorly made that it seems look what a bad movie with a bad drawing scenes and characters. See once the tape is possible, but prepare for the fact that you either do not understand, but you don`t want to re-watch the tape because after the first time it will seem boring and not interesting and it would be a big plus to what you are nor what at once did not understand...

ALIEN: REIGN OF MAN Trailer (2017) Science-Fiction Movie

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