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Film adventure Aladdin 2019

Film adventure Aladdin 2019 In 2019, I was able to see two new versions of the film "Aladdin", one was better than the other. Different Directors, different vision of the fairy tale, as well as the cost of production affects the interest. At Disney apparently have enough money for everything, and even on the red green costume that just oboldenno look in the film and it is clear that they are not fake, not made at once. It`s very interesting to watch. The film this time became a kind of unifying line between the white and black population of America. Black gin, and even some slave of the lamp. It`s at least a little weird.
Well, they can not in the United States not to make films without the participation of the black population, they can not. It is good that there are no different LGBT people in this picture, it is super important and to some extent pleasing. You can advise to watch the film even for children. Disney did a good job, they created not just a movie, but a whole mini-musical for two hours. Songs even in the translation into Russian can be listened to with great pleasure. The actor for the role of Gene picked up amazing, he`s just a talent. Will Smith himself. This actor is mainly removed in comic roles and episodes, serious roles if there are, then they Oh how little. Will Smith has clearly outdone himself in Comedy. In this case, the movie is an entertaining show and all the characters joke and laugh, but this is not all the charm of the film. Here the magic and wizardry to watch will obviously be interesting.
Remember our home movie Aladdin son Alapere? Gene what the harsh have us was, and the film not was relaxing, and more was straining. This is not a fairy tale, it was something incomprehensible, and maybe understandable to one Director. It seems to me that the fate of the film is directly related to who writes it and who finances it. This time everything was very precisely matched. Among the animals that are imbued with magic, I most liked the monkey Abu and parrot, servant of the vizier. Film after film, these two characters do not change their appearance, everything is as before. Interestingly, in this disney picture, the monkey is a drawn character or there is a bit of real.. Don`t know how to spell Aladdin or Aladdin*
You probably read a book about Aladdin as a child. The fairy tale was super, and in the age of IT technology, children listen to a fairy tale through a talker "Kolobo", even before they begin to read. If for production paintings drip irrigation Hollywood, then in such a case picture as least whom the ordered and well paid for and its success a priori ordered and secured.
From childhood I remembered only that the old film about Aladdin was sad, and this new film about Aladdin at times more interesting and more fun. Good is just as much, good also conquers evil.
The cast is super, the Actresses are beautiful, the dialogues are worked out, in General, the magic and then worked hard. The film-fairy tale Pro Aladdin have on glory. You must find the time to watch, but you need to look not some creation, namely the film from the pen of the Studio Disney. This the film richer and more interesting, the that in this same year released and so same is called "Fairy tale Pro Aladdin" not worth look. It`s not as interesting as what I`m telling you. Be sure to watch the film, if you like to watch videos about magicians and wizards, there are magicians and magic abound, you will just be in seventh heaven.

Will Smith sings Prince Ali Scene - ALADDIN (2019)

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