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Maleficenta is Lady of darkness 2019

 Maleficenta is  Lady of darkness 2019 If we consider the picture from the position of a film critic, it is not quite perfect. There are a lot of reruns from past series in this 2019 film, the reruns are not very Intrusive, but still they are it`s kind of annoying a little bit. The character of the Queen Ingrit some surface, the dialogues are not thought out, and the like, and the main role, but in fact secondary. The film has a lot of characters, it`s hard to focus on something but not on the extras. Although the film is in my opinion mediocre, he still gained respect among the fans of magic and sorcery. Watched this movie on the phone while riding in the train, not the big screen, but still liked it. Those passengers who were traveling nearby and would like to see this movie, still wanted to see such a colorful picture on the big screen. As you understand I won`t find fault with this picture, but the horns from Maleficent not super.
And so watch the movie "Maleficent: mistress of darkness" (2019).
Many additional characters with different histories and significance have appeared in this series. A big part of the story superfluous, but as for extras is a big plus. I personally all the new faces as it is not even noticed in the movie, probably focused on the Essentials. I liked the two characters, each should write a separate book:). It`s hard to get past charming pint. It`s like a hedgehog and porcupine and echidna, not big, but cunning and playful beast. I would like to role for this funny character writers in future releases prescribed more widely. Well, of course it is difficult not to notice the feisty alchemist-elf. In this series, you can see and learn more about the relatives or relatives of the evil sorceress herself. Queen Ingrit in my opinion a misunderstanding of the film, as this character did not encouraged.
From actors me more liked Angelina JOLIE. It has already fused with the film and probably itself has become at least magical. Me even a bit seems, that role was written precisely under it, under its temperament. I even heard that this movie is under Jali imprisoned and if it suddenly disappears somewhere, the film is 100% not going to happen. Who could you imagine in the role of the evil sorceress? Probably it is difficult to find a more interesting character in Hollywood. Raven DIAVAL as a character in the service of Malificient just for his interest. Many people like this character without him the movie probably would have seemed poorer, Sam Riley plays this role perfectly. The attitude of the Raven in this series are the same, he betrayed Maleficent and Loves Aurora. The character is quite interesting, although the role is secondary. If you like fairy tales, the film adaptation of fairy tales, the film is just for you and under your request. It instills love for one`s neighbor, romantic concern for one`s neighbor. Probably it is important to be able to talk and in conversations to bring the opponent the thought. If one of your friends is clearly bad, it does not mean that he is your enemy. The film helps and teaches the theory of analysis of interpersonal relationships. The film is like a pot of soup of ideas. The film has a lot of interesting and magical. I think if you believe in a fairy tale and partially live in it, then this picture is just what the doctor prescribed for you. You do not look at the fact that the tale turned out to be slightly naive, it does not matter. The important thing is different, it is important to look at the magic in the frame and admire. The film should not stupidly entertain, he should give hope and you look at such a magical film should at least want to implement their ideas and desires. The film teaches that absolute faith in something good as a result leads to the realization of the object of faith.
Are looking the film, I think he in subject, if you of course are trapped precisely in my blog on reason moreover, that a bit believe in magic and magic.


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