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Disaster film Geostorm

Disaster film Geostorm You should not believe the nonsense about gold bullion or something else, if that is what will happen to the Earth on a global scale, nor any Golden billion will not be able to exist on the surface of a catastrophically changed planet.
I recently saw the movie "Geostorm" is already gone, and the film itself have long gathering dust on the shelves of the film, we`re on this masterpiece in quotes drew attention only because to watch the evening there was nothing, and long to find there was no desire. At first, I got a lot of different positive reviews about this movie disaster, but they turned out to be all someone about crying, as the film sucks, and in all reviews it is highlighted in the rainbow colors.
Having seen so to speak an abundance of positive in a network about the movie, we downloaded it from a network and decided to be glad for good acquisition, but in practice everything not that and not so, we didn`t watch the movie up to the end and fell asleep in the middle of a tape. I so to say fell asleep at a good time, but my husband could not sleep and turned the TV off at some very negative time and couldn`t immediately fall asleep because of full head nightmares. One thing is clear, in this direction it is a second-rate tape and with a high probability this will remain for centuries, it does not see the laurels of the championship this for sure. Although I will not throw mud all fiction, there is something in the picture is good, but not much.
The plot will be interesting for those who love the catastrophic future, I think there are not so many, so with the theme of everything is clear, the film is not for a wide audience. Fiction there is clearly unfolded, came up with the space station where you control the weather on Earth. Come up with a type something good, and it`s good getting into the wrong hands doing completely different with all the Land. All the bad grows from the rich and greedy people on the planet, blame the oligarchs and the capitalists. Decided a good technique to put at the service not of humanity and businesses to control over all mankind and came out as just what you can see watching the tape. If such films more and more, the morality is clearly degraded, in the future something positive to wait probably not worth it.
As for the dialogues, they seem to me absolutely not thought out, but the cast is not bad. In the role of super agent why it was fragile-looking blonde with brains, a rarity in itself.
In General, as you know to promote this picture, I will not watch it I did not have enough forces, so he saw that and said, and you could then decide whether this is a good film without a positive look at bedtime. To watch it, but to sleep then just fails, sleep does not come, it interferes with the sense of impending disaster.
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