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Thor Ragnarok film tale, even more Comedy:)

Thor Ragnarok  film tale, even more Comedy:) Well, movies about the Scandinavian deity often recently shown in cinemas, but for some reason lately the movies Thor seems a bit ridiculous, they`re more like Comedy than real mock epic in which something interesting for yourself to learn, not just neighing with different jokes in is supposedly the son of Thor. Not an interesting film, it`s even somewhat harmful to those who believe in a fairy tale:) In General, that I was going to watch the movie, not because it is interesting to me, but because it was in the company of science fiction fans, so to speak had no choice. Description this film is probably on any site talking about movies, not all descriptions reliably talk about the film, but what feedback is very much is a fact. Created a Comedy fantasy of the craftsmen in the Studio "Marvel", there is always make good movies, but lately even they have a thing with ideology is not that matter, that`s not a movie that is blue, not the tape that there is something antisocial. In General, that because of this, I personally now a few years of watching only Russian TV series and sometimes Eastern movies, there is certainly about the blue not the words of the Quran as it is does not approve. Funny begins from the beginning with the dialogue of the protagonist and the villain. Probably the humor in the film is important, and nothing else matters, I had the film described as a Comedy tape, not the tape about epic or about the gods of Scandinavia. I watched the movie and periods just laughed, even goblinovsky translation is not needed, so from the above dialogues, the laughter came. On the film you can go at any age, there`s no violence or anything such that could as negatively to the film. I liked the actors, especially Carl urban,Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Tessa Thompson and Jeff Goldblum. The list is very large, all one million probably had for their game, that`s why the film`s budget is so big. Actors well dressed, clearly tried to. I wrote them funny dialogues, funny tape with a length of 130 minutes. I will not say that the film is super for the thinking audience, it is super for children from 12 to 16 years, the rest are bored or laughing with stupid scenes or dialogues. This is due to the filmmaker Taika Waititi , he is so to say this topic can be seen close.
This is the third film of the trilogy about the God Thor. The son of Thor saves his planet and the city of Asgard from the dark forces led by his sister. Sister is not a goddess, she is the goddess of death and she just tried to become the head of the throne, but managed to Wake up a huge fire monster, and he destroyed everything. People from the city of Asgard flew to the ship, where the faithful people there and the city, and the land obitovannaya turned into ashes.
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