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Watching film the Outpost

Watching film the Outpost If you like to watch something magnificent, something which in ordinary life is not a place, it means that you enjoy the fantasy genre. Perhaps in this regard it is worth paying attention to the film "Outpost". It is a series and six episodes have already been released this season.
Typically, the selection of films in the fantasy big, but sometimes until you find what to watch is so long that all desire to watch the movie disappears. Today I`ll tell you about the movie "Outpost", and you decide whether to watch it or not.
The name did not seem intriguing and not promising, something the military at first glance. When the movie start playing, you realize realize that name in the theme, as everything revolves around the boundary of the land where the mountains there is a fortress called "the Outpost". This film is somewhat reminiscent of a different Saga "Game of thrones", but a little before it falls short of the scale of filming.
Fortress Outpost stands on the border of the land where the worm live. These are the people the parasite has taken over. The plot is quite interesting, there is magic and battles. While it is not enough if to compare with the "Game of Thrones", there since the third season is one Downer. Do not want to believe that the Outpost will become a boring and tedious TV series while watching it with pleasure, for me, lover of fantasy, he with each series does not lose relevance.
The film is created in the genre of fantasy, there`s no arguing. There is a group of witches that calls itself the "First order" and the Queen is fake, although with good intentions. Between the two clans in the state is a struggle with the use of force. But that`s not all, on the site there is a third force, the people "Chernobrovkin" they have pointy ears and they have black blood, but that`s not all. Chernobrovkin know how to summon demons of Valkiri, which opened a portal to the underworld can only be summoned with nothing but a name.
Actors are picked up very interesting, the group turned out well-coordinated. The main character is a girl blackblood Talon, she is not only pretty, but also quite clever. There`s also captain Gareth of the Royal guard, played by Jake Stormoen. Captain like Talon and Princess, as they both do not deny him, but still kept at a distance. If it wasn`t for a fool named Chanzo, the film would clearly not be a full-fledged picture. He seems to be a fool, but he does a lot of things in the fortress that few people can do. Beer brews, medicines, makes and anyway, if somewhere you need to create some kind of stalemate scenario there cram CANSO, it is not boring and not sad even a little fun. Chanzo also fell in love with Talon, but they do not get anything, they are just good friends. The show is all there is love and battle, and even intrigue, and magic galore.
If you are not spoiled by fantasy films, the film will cause a lot of positive emotions. It`s hard in General to characterize it. Is scene is the scene really queezy, but overall looks not bad.
I liked the computer graphics, which is implemented in the film. The place is chosen interestingly, the nature is simply awesome. Evil spirits every traced to the smallest detail. I even think that recently I have not seen anything similar in this quality of drawing.
The world in which everything happens is also clearly invented by a talented screenwriter. There primative different type of orcs or elves with dwarves, everything is more interesting. The fact that invented for the movie everything is unique and no where not previously met. Each character is created with a specific purpose each has its own zabubony.
And the Ticket is just unique. The girl is beautiful, but it is clearly the guy`s a warrior, and sometimes she behaves like the last trash. Like a smart girl, but everyone is used to solve power. Very often, all the bully, that is not the situation then it all comes down to a fight, in General it is often in fact the case. She doesn`t have some kind of vision or one. In this film, I like antiheroes, although they are sometimes strange, apparently so conceived that the viewer did not fall in love and did not get used to the bad. Sometimes you look and think, who this actor taught so on role walk? Some roles are played masterfully, and others just horror as illiterate, look at their game does not want. And about love in the film we need to say, as soon as someone shows someone their feelings, then immediately the laughter rolls, different watch does not work, what the Comedy is about to begin.
A good series, look for the 6 series and not bothered, I look forward to continue.
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