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Fort Ross: in search of adventure 2014

Fort Ross: in search of adventure 2014 Do you like movies about time travel? If so, this interesting movie is just what you need. Although there are no big trips here, and the trip itself is somehow strange, through some application in a smartphone, but even with such technical support, the film turned out to be quite good.
Any film is like the most natural game with time, some shoot the past, others shoot the future, those who shoot the present after shooting again find themselves in the future, and the film becomes a documentary evidence of the past. If the Director wants to emphasize something, namely what is called time, then then we get pictures similar to the film "We are from the future" or "Back to the future" or the film "Fort Ross".
The film in which they try to tell about the past or the future is so simple without special effects, no one understands, you still need to somehow drum into the world that something has happened to our reality and the scene of the film is suddenly transferred along the time line either steeply back or steeply forward.
I watched the film "Fort Ross", the picture was released 6 years ago, and is already quite outdated, but from the point of view of the film about time travel, this film is not a big and never fading page of the story.
The Director clearly came up with a lot, but it turns out to implement not so much, the reason is probably in the financing, the money was not collected the necessary amount to create something really spectacular.
I love movies about time travel, but I don't like bad acting, in the movie "Fort Ross" and the game is not super and the costume is not the most natural, everything looks backward. It seems to me that the actors gathered for the weekend, read their dialogues and ran away, from all this stuff the video Directors sewed a certain film that we should admire. And the actress who was given the role of a Russian American is not in the subject, not a game, but some horror. Despite the fact that the idea is quite interesting, the implementation is simply terrible. Given the desire in society to consider Alaska as their native territory, the film is at least created with some political overtones, which is not bad in principle, and there are even special effects, which to some extent does not allow you to fall asleep in the first minutes of viewing the picture.
Dialogues truth at all what the strange, apparently their at all nor who not worked through. Everything is taken from the ceiling, everything is perceived by ear not really creepy.
The film is made in the style of Comedy, there is humor, but it is so flat that some of the scenes at the time to hang on the wall and admire the two-dimensional plot served. Really funny scene yet was and as it seemed to me not one, a couple of times exactly.
I like Russian films, if the film is really interesting, then I will definitely tell all my friends about it and advertise this Russian miracle to everyone. After watching the movie "Fort Ross" I somehow decided to convince everyone that the picture is super and it needs to be watched. I didn't like the movie, and I didn't watch it any further than the moment when our Russian guys got into the distant past of modern America using an app on their phone.
What can I advise you?
The film may be good, but from my point of view, the film is not worth watching, time is wasted on it. Previously, I did not even know about such a "talented" Director as Yuri Morozov.
Someone decided to shoot a picture about a Russian settlement 70 km from San Francisco. The plot is simple and clear. A certain journalist gets a special app on his smartphone. Which allows you to travel in time. The app probably wouldn't have been needed at all if the editor-in-chief hadn't suggested a trip to America for the material. You need to write an article about the settlement where once lived the Russian military, which was located 70 km from San Francisco and was active in the 19th century.
To study the topic, the journalist Dmitry goes to the repository of rare books and manuscripts and there tries to study the past of this settlement. In the library, the journalist comes across a document that in addition to Alaska, California was also annexed to Russia. But this is not all, there was a drawing on the report, and this is not just a drawing, but a real portrait of Dmitry himself, but from the distant past.
Then everything is as simple as possible. Tickets, trip, visit to the Fort and ...
If Dimitri hadn't pressed a special button on his phone during the next meal, he wouldn't have been so deeply involved in the history of Fort Ross. At first, Dmitry was in the 19th century for a couple of seconds, and then decided to purposefully study that time, and why not, because it is possible to go there thanks to a miracle app on your smartphone.
What came out of this idea is not easy to describe, it is already some real magic or physics of the microcosm, or maybe a quantum paradox, in General, the journalist was in the past and from the past writes a report into the future.
I definitely advise you to watch, if you have extra time to watch the game of Maxim Matveev.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author:) thank you!

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