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Review of the film "Elvis from outer Space" (Elvis from Outer Space)

Review of the film Filmmakers when they have few ideas in their head start to pull old themes and remake them under a new vision. This is exactly what happens with the star of the song genre with Elvis Presley. Who has been dead for more than half a century, and the love for his work does not fade. On the wave of this very love driven by the desire to earn Director Marv Z Silverman and his team created this is from my point of view, a worthless version of the movie for adults, children in my opinion, the creativity of Elvis is not very interesting.
Maybe the author of the film watching the movie "Men in black" heard the surprise of the hero will SMT about the fact that the king of rock and roll turns out to be an alien. This is what prompted the creation of such a "cool" masterpiece. Under the impression of Directors Marv Silverman and Tracy Vuishpard took to work, the good just if you try, the film will be released on the eve of the anniversary of the singer's death.
I think the theme of the old in the new wrapper is now very actively promoted to the masses. Some buy old horror movies from the 70s and reshoot them in a new way, others make up old forgotten themes with once-popular stars.
In the case of the movie "Elvis from outer space" in General, there was no need to build anything new, a good budget savings. These two authors once in 2011 made the film "Memphis: Return of Elvis", now played the record again slightly changing the scene and characters.
What the movie " Memphis: Return of Elvis" in a new way a terrible creation you have already understood, and now I will actually tell you what the horror really is.
A certain chel Big M, played by David Havener, tells everyone a story about how Elvis Presley seems to be alive and that he has been entertaining aliens on alpha Centauri for many years and has now returned home. The aliens would not let Elvis go home, but they felt sorry for him, because he was sad and his sadness was reflected in the songs.
On alpha Centauri, the gravity is very low and Elvis has degraded his muscles to the lowest level and if he does not return to alpha Centauri after a while, he will die on Earth. So just Elvis on the ground does not move, he is accompanied everywhere by agent Messina (Diane young). Everything would be fine, but Elvis decides to perform at a contest of doubles in Vegas, and this is not included in the plans of the CIA and they decide to put him in the bowels of the base in area 51. Elvis does not agree with this arrangement and very much wants to see his illegitimate daughter Linda Truman, for this Elvis runs away from the base and he is helped by Messina in everything.
As you understand and the plot is not super.
Elvis is revered everywhere, competitions in his honor are held in Israel, Australia, and even in Malaysia. I even liked the lookalikes and the way they sing in the film. The film itself can already be created on the concert program, but the authors apparently thought this was not enough and they diluted the concerts with some dialogues and what they came up with..
It is hard to look at humanoids without tears, if they really exist and see themselves in the movies, then at least they are guaranteed to faint. It would probably be better to draw humanoids, apparently decided to save money on this, they are not the most important thing in the film.
Even as it seems to me in this film, they did not dare to invite real stars of programs about Elvis, they limited themselves to a second-class audience. When I saw who plays the Director of the CIA, I laughed for a long time and decided that this is black humor, because it is played by Alexander Butterfield himself. After all, at its core, this is a very real secret spy who could easily put where you need a system to listen to conversations and even in the oval office of the White house. Something similar happened in Nixon's time. If you dig further, Nixon was very fond of Presley's work.
Here is such a felling video, I do not think that you will want to watch it at all after my story.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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