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God winked at Christmas 2018 - movie review

God winked at Christmas 2018 - movie review The film is not about God, but about how to make the right choice in a difficult situation. Sometimes the rest of the way depends on the right choice. Clearly and not even discussed, if we did not change in the course of life, then the plans of happiness as it was not foreseen! If we change and try to find happiness, then our success depends on the right choice. Sometimes in life it happens that happiness jumps to you in the basket, and you really do not see it and then walk along the path of life in anticipation of something else. I don't think it should be like this, it's over the top! I liked the saying in this movie, " God very often doesn't talk to us, but winks at us." I think everything is correct, if God does not speak to us, then he hints exactly. He always gives us a choice, and observes what choices we make. I, too, on the idea of often under the hood have God, perishing whom, whom, and me he accurately winks at and oops as often!
So we came to the film itself! The girl was paid attention, called to marry, and she somehow missed a goal and was not even happy! Instead of joy, the girl has a complete stupor, she goes to her aunt on the island to share her thoughts on Christmas. There, far away from the worldly bustle, she meets a guy with whom it is easy to talk and be near in joy. But what to do, because our heroine is engaged. You need to make a choice in favor of yourself beautiful or in favor of that guy.
Not everything is so simple and unambiguous, but the film teaches that you should always make the right choice for yourself, and not for the sake of someone being happy, and you have been waiting for your happiness all your life. Although the film is based on real events, everything turned out very fabulously. In the movie, the script is not bad guys at all, I think in reality this can not be. Watching such a Christmas movie you think that magic is not a fairy tale and not some kind of magic, it is the reality of life. I didn't watch the movie at Christmas, although the effect on my head was exactly what I'm describing.
You think I'm telling you about a Disney fairy tale? No, this is an ordinary Hollywood melodrama with a romantic twist, this film can even be called a romantic story. The film is sincere, there is a lot of positive and magic in it, in a sense it claims to be some instructive reading, but in a small percentage of the desired! The whole story is tied not only to the romance and subtlety of the searching nature, there is a much deeper philosophical meaning. Any dialogue is thought out to the smallest detail and there is always rationality in it. After watching the film, there is clearly a lot of positive and good things in my head. It seems to me that after watching such a movie, you will make the right choice and always in the right direction.
The main character is captivating, she is not an obvious beauty on the face, but it does not even matter, you want to look at this woman and experience everything with her, she has a clear charisma. Character very even unusual,can be said a rare even. She looks at life through the eyes of a third party, as if before choosing something, she throws a coin and makes the choice that fell on the coin, that is, she puts all the responsibility of the choice on GOD, and he has no choice but to do positive things with regard to her. The pair turned out to be just perfect, it is even interesting to watch the development of relations, you do not know what to expect next.
According to the film, a lot of attention was paid to the design of Christmas, you watch and rejoice for those who can work and have a great rest. Although we have a Christmas tree in every family at home for the New Year, I have not seen such a global positive in the eyes of the crowd for a long time.
The film looks in one breath, and when you get to the bottom of it, it seems that before viewing this picture, you lived somehow not correctly, as if you looked at the wrong place and did not perceive the signs in life. Now it seems that, but there is a different problem, it is difficult to wait for the fulfillment of the desire. You know that it will definitely come true, but adjusted for time, and time is not in our equation a parameter not known. Here is such an interesting and encrypted story in this film.

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