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Should I watch the Movie "Artificial Intelligence "(2020)

Should I watch the Movie By tradition, I will write briefly about the film for those who like to read only the headlines, so to speak, likes to remove the foam. Carol Peters (this is the funny fat girl) did not think and did not guess, but in the end she became the very lady on whom the fate of humanity depends. Highly developed technologies and artificial intelligence written apparently in Python have already fed up with everyone in our evil world. Different programs were first created to collect random data about a person and his life, and only then apparently a lot of data was collected and the "Evil Corporations" decided to work on something that could somehow put them in order. Some artificial intelligence was created, which at some stage considered itself the arbiter of fate. He processed all the databases on humanity and came to disappointing conclusions about the future. To test the theory, artificial intelligence chooses a random woman who attracts it with her spontaneity. In the end, if a nice fat girl convinces artificial intelligence not to destroy humanity, then so be it, and if not, then the nightmare begins. All IT companies are trying to fight this most artificial code and everything they do not work, once the monster flutters out of the cage, it is simply impossible to kill. Fortunately, he himself does not seem to want to end up killing humanity, and everything seems to end super well and positively. Now a more complete story about the movie " Artificial Intelligence» For the first time in a cinema in Russia, the film was shown at the end of November 2020, I immediately watched it on the big screen, I can say that the film is both sincere and fun and about a fantastic future. At first I watched the trailer, but all the trailers that I saw were kind of one-sided and it was really hard to understand what the film is about. I went to the viewing with the thought and whether to go, and did not understand any of the advertising messages. Many people go to watch movies based on the genre of the picture, in our case it is difficult to say what kind of picture it really is, it is both science fiction and comedy and action. A lot of films about artificial intelligence have been made recently and in different genres, so we will not dwell on any one separately. The genre turned out to be mixed and this is not a bad decision. In the audience, everyone cheerfully perceived the different comic notes of the film, so I was not at all sad while watching this interesting tape. It is especially worth noting that the dialogues in the film are written very well, there was no bad opinion about the screenwriter. On the planet, as it were, there was a certain intellectual leap, the corporations of Evil collected data on humanity in large quantities, and after processing all this good, it turned out that the program that processed everything somehow got smarter and began to talk quite meaningfully. Everything for artificial intelligence is clear, but the human essence is not clear, so he chooses a completely ordinary woman to study her to make a decision about what to do with humanity? Artificial intelligence can both improve our lives and turn it into a concentration camp, something similar can already be observed in China with the Uighurs. In general, the future of humanity depends on an individual woman, Melissa Mcarthy is quite suitable for this role. I have seen this actress in many films, mostly comedies, in this case everything was just wonderful, the role was played 100% successfully. There are a lot of funny moments in the film, and that scene when a smart program transferred one billion dollars to the account of our savior and bought a car is generally fabulous. The film is not too long, it lasts only 106 minutes. So you will not have time to get bored, as well as it's time to go home:)) Good viewing to all, the film "Artificial Intelligence", is not even bad for any age and state of mind.

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