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Movie - bodyguard for grandma

Movie - bodyguard for grandma I don't know if you agree with my opinion or not, but for me, Chinese or Asian cinema is not for Europeans, it is born in Asia and dies there. Good films on the Asian epic if they are shot, then only in Hollywood or at European film studios, the same thing that is shot in China or nearby is not possible to watch without tears.... Recently, it seems that the Chinese even got into the US film industry, which at least upsets me, since the film "grandma's Bodyguard" with the inscription "Made in the USA" is at least perceived as some kind of parody of Chinese cinema. In General, you should not watch a boring and not interesting movie, for an hour you will have to contemplate a Smoking grandmother and evaluate her jokes.
I thought that since the film is made in the United States is done at least for a European audience, but the film in the United States took a Chinese American Chinese.
The film about the lucky grandmother went into wide distribution last year, at this time it is already easily available to download on the web and watch for free.
The title seems to tell us that the film is on a criminal theme, but in fact it is as if about a lucky grandmother, who eventually lost her luck. When you are lucky, you need to be content with little, and not arouse a sense of greed to grab luck by the tail. Sometimes, even more often than it seems, luck flies away, and you have at least a bunch of feathers in your hands and complete disappointment. Something similar happened to this very much Smoking grandmother. And so, the Director's name is Cecy Seeley, and it turns out he also wrote the script. Just a Chinese nugget.
Somewhere in Chinatown, my grandmother lives, she even managed to earn a pension in the United States, apparently she moved from free China a long time ago:) By nature, this is just an obnoxious, elderly man who, in addition to everything else, stinks of cigar smoke. The children want to take her home, but she resists and lives in an apartment by herself, spending her time on cigarettes and casino games.
A grandmother lives for herself and does not think about the future, lives as if by fengshu, goes to a fortune teller and does everything to attract good luck and money to her house. Once a fortune-teller said that grandma Vaughn would soon have great wealth and good fortune. Grandmother of course believed that the fortune teller predicted and went to the Bank to withdraw the last thousand dollars from the account. Then I went to the casino to play and of course win. By constantly betting on the lucky number 8, she significantly increased her thousand. At some point, you should have just stopped and stopped playing, but grandma Vaughn put all her money and chips back on the number 8 and lost to the nines.
Sad sat on the bus and here's luck, next to her sat some mafia with a bag full of money. Sat down, so to speak, and died in the chair. The grandmother thought that this was just the luck that the fortune-teller predicted for her and took all the money for herself. Everything would probably be fine. But it turned out to be money from the mafia and the accountant of one gang was driving them, which, by the way, begins to press the grandmother for the return of the money taken.
The grandmother is not a blunder and at the first stage hires a guard from the fighters of another gang, pays them money and a huge bodyguard follows her around protecting her from bandits. Grandma Won is played by actress Tsai chin, who is known to many from the Films "anatomy of passion" and "Casino Royale". All other actors and Actresses in the film are not worth mentioning. All the other roles are not very interesting to mention at all, so a certain background for the grandmother. The film is positioned as a Comedy, but there is nothing funny in it, it is rather an evil humor for Comedy. I would even put the film in the category of Chinese action movies. There's a lot of money and fights and shooting and blood and chases.
In General, if you track events in Chinese cinema, then there is nothing new, everything is usually and boring simple.
Whether you should watch this movie or not is your personal opinion. The film is clearly an Amateur with ever-smiling eyes and he clearly lives in Asia.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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