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Holiday date 2019 review-essay about the film

Holiday date 2019 review-essay about the film In a big city on the eve of Christmas week, a small cataclysm happens. A beautiful girl, a fashion designer is left alone for the only reason that her boyfriend named Eaton turned out to be a real asshole. He just doesn't like her and isn't even ready to go with her to her parents ' Christmas party. If you are not ready to meet your parents, then you are not ready to join another family and accept a person into your circle. So after a fight, the guys run away on Christmas eve. Our talented designer is working on her personal portfolio and wants to go home with a guy. Guy at some stage was not, but then someone from the friends remembered that Brooke (so to call our main beauty and main character) uncle owns a hardware store,and surrounded by friends is the guy who auditioned for film roles in soon he audition for the role of the owner of such a store in what is a very prestigious series. The producer is an actor for going to Brooke's for Christmas and practicing as a store owner or talking to the owner of a hardware store, along the way, Brooke's problem would also be solved, she would come to her parents ' for Christmas with a guy.
Then everything goes according to the developed plan, Brooke agrees to go to her parents with Eton 2 and there as it turns out. On the way, Eton 2 studies the role and realizes that he is an actor, but not an architect, but still gives up and thinks that he will cope with this role very well. It seems at first glance that everything should go according to plan, without a hitch, in fact, everything goes Oh, how not according to the rules, but the updated Eton gradually gets used to the role of the guy for Brooke and step by step moves to the altar. This is like the backbone of the entire movie, but along the way you will meet different casual stories about which I will tell you a little.
On arrival, Eaton, as an architect, was invited to visit sister Brooke to give advice on how to enter the Gables. Eaton got so high that you can't get out of the situation without laughing, but the actor has a lot of blanks in his pocket and what that Yes fits, and by a happy layout, he got out of this situation almost without losing his reputation. Although Brooke's dad noticed something and began to think that Brooke's boyfriend had something wrong with his head:)
Further along the line of the architect, there was another incident, Eaton 2 decided to take part in the manufacture of houses from cookies. But since Eton 2 is an architect, he was immediately assigned to develop the design of the Christmas house 2020 project. The guy did not change here, he just made something like a house out of icing and pieces of gingerbread and joyfully said that everything was ready! This is good, but the house immediately fell apart as if it was made of cards. All again??? laughed, and Pope in another times wondered on subject, that this for future son-in-law, ' t deliver with him nothing to acquire take!
To learn more about the guy, I decided to plow it on the decoration of garlands at home, everything seems to be normal, but the garlands eventually fell, and what was left did not even turn on properly. Eaton and here ubejala, but was not upset and after the Board Brooke continued to play the guy who likes Brooke. In fact, although the new Eton was very clumsy, the Brooke family accepted it, but still for a long time could not understand why the guy who according to his daughter loves Christmas does not know a single song about Christmas. More and more questions arose in Eton's circle. Even Brooke couldn't figure out what was wrong with the new Eton, why he didn't know how to dress up the tree, or when Christmas eve was, or why he didn't sing Christmas songs . I did not dare to ask a question directly, and it was not necessary, Eaton himself admitted that he was a Jew, and never celebrated Catholic Christmas with his family. The guys decided to admit this to reduce the degree of tension, but everything just did not work, and once in a cafe, her best friend took a photo of the couple and posted it on the social network with # Eaton and Brooke. The real Eaton saw that his girlfriend was using his own name, but without telling him. He goes to visit to find out the situation. As it turned out, everything is easier than a steamed turnip, then hugs and parting in a good manner for always. From this moment, Eton 2 begins to get used to the role of a real guy for Brooke, especially since he understands what a great friend she is, he has fun with her, and she is comfortable with him. How Did the Christmas-themed soap Opera end? It all ended with a ring and a wedding, that's such things, the film is clearly a credit and it is necessary to watch it on Christmas eve.

Holiday Date (2019) movie trailer

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