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Film "THE LAST BOGATYR 2" review of the film

Film If you briefly talk about the film, it will turn out to be very informative and just one small paragraph.
EVERYTHING IS VERY FABULOUS simply, Ivan, but not a Fool, but a hero, returned a seedy world to a certain fabulous Belogorie!
Everything starts fabulously, Vasilisa is all in business and worries, she will soon have a wedding. Right there in the background, Yaginya in old age and a watery in her youth are always nearby. The father of our hero is not just who, but the same epic hero Ilya Muromets. In this episode, Ivan already has the opportunity to hang out in Belogorie for a long time in comfort, because he now has access to all the benefits of our civilization through a magic sword.
Everything seems to be superb for Vanya, but still he yearns for the world in which he lived most of his life. Maybe everything would be nothing, our Vanya would have adapted to the new role, but there is no heroic strength, and soon heroic games need to show off their talent. If there is no strength, then our Vanya may be disgraced by 100%. In the midst of heroic battles, the main evil of Belogorie awakens and everyone for a moment forgets about the battle and fights against a real and not an imaginary threat. In the end, of course, victory is for the forces of good.

Those who last year watch the first version of "The Last Bogatyr" will clearly watch the new sequel with great delight, especially since the film was shot with the participation of Disney and Yellow, Black and White studios. As it turns out, they are filming not one part, but two at once, so that even 2022 we will also meet with a gorgeous fabulous gift in the form of the third part "The Last Hero".
Maybe there will be more episodes, but this is only an assumption, in fact, how much money is enough, there will be so many episodes, and the amount of money will depend on the quality of those two episodes that are currently being filmed in Ukraine and on stage venues in the most fabulous places. Everyone writes that this is a Russian film, but apparently those who promote it want so much, who will believe that a director with a Ukrainian surname makes Russian films :)) Dmitry Dyachenko, although he is shooting, is in Russian, but his surname is clearly not Russian It has roots :)) Well, this is a lyrical digression. Further, we will assume that the film is about the past of Russia, so to speak, about the times when there were no presidents, and everything was ruled by Kasha Immortal and the beautiful Yaginya.
The main character is, of course, Ivan. Ivan was adopted, his childhood passed in an orphanage, and New Year's holidays in the closet. Over time, Ivan began to participate in fake shows about magicians, to see something magic in his soul still remained from his father and does not give rest. Along the way, Vanya treats all patients from the evil eye and damage, because in our age of diverse evil spirits wandering around the planet apparently is not visible. Vanya will never be left without work.
In the first part of the film, Ivan ended up in Belogorie purely by accident from a water park right under the oak of life in the country of Belovodye or Belogorie, that's how anyone likes it.
Immediately finding himself in an unfamiliar place, IVAN meets a real wizard and with his help finds a real and completely dear family. As it turns out, the father is not in Vanya anyhow, Ilya Muromets himself poured his noble seed on the hearth of life, so that Vanya found eyes and ears for contemplating the world around him.
Nearby, the wicked flicker in the form of Dobrynya and the villainess Barbara. Everything is at least imbued with the spirit of the fabulous, sometimes even Ivan with his beloved gallops into the sunset at Baba Yaga's hut. It seems to me that the first part is just super, it was mixed correctly, as a result, everyone is looking forward to the second and even the third, and maybe God will give a couple more three episodes.
The Disney brand is always good costumes, spelled out dialogues and an amazing production of a fairy tale. If Disney got down to business, then obviously the case will not be empty. The tale has clearly been twisted a little, everything seems to be happening in ancient Russia, but where the ancient Russia begins is not mentioned. Most likely, both Kashchei and Baba Yaga, and Leshy and Vodyanoy lived not in ancient Muscovy, but in a slightly different plane. They lived in the fifth dimension, where everything is here and now at one point in time. So, Moscow is only a starting point of travel in space for Ivan, everything else happens not on the familiar Earth and not in the distant past, but at least in a fairy tale and at least in a fairy country. In the second part IVAN lives in Belogorye (Ivanaya plays Victor Horinyak), his beautiful wife - Vasilisa (Mila Sivatskaya). Vanya misses his Moscow, the masked regime so much that sometimes he goes from fairytale to life to taste the benefits of technogenic civilization. Priper from our technogenic world and a gasoline generator and a microwave oven, everything goes well with Ivan, only Vanya didn`t have the heroic strength, but he has a shocker and he sometimes even adds some self-confidence to Ivan. Vasilisa is also an interesting girl, so to speak, and the local womanizer Finist, the Clear Falcon, hovers behind her.
I was especially surprised by the appearance of a terrible monster in the film. It turned out to be an ordinary Gingerbread man, albeit too big and angry. In the second part, there is not only one evil sorceress in the subject, but also her mother. The mother of the evil sorceress Ivan knows that for five thousand she washed the floors in his apartment, she's still a bitch.
To repeat the plot somehow does not work, it is somehow confusing, sometimes it seems that the screenwriter was riding a horse and often, while working on the script, lost his pen and train of thought. According to the storyline, one thing is clear that the universal evil is clearly always ready and this is the main thing. If you want to live in peace, you must at least be a hero. Ivan, as a bogatyr, is not yet the best, but Ivan's tongue is suspended much more abruptly than that of Fenist the Bright Falcon. So Ivan is with Vaselisa for the time being, but without the strength of his strength. Vasilisa is a pretty girl, who does not look like a monkey at all, Vanya clearly loves, so there is no need to be sad about the strength of their marriage at all. The only thing worth worrying about is that the Disney film studio did not make some new Jedi out of Ivan, but it may be somewhere in the series like the fifth or sixth, when an obvious crisis of the heroic strength begins. A fairy tale is a fairy tale, everything is mixed up in it and not quite as it could have been. We collected all the fairy-tale characters in one place and gave them parting words to fight evil. In reality, Koschey is the king of one of the worlds, and not just a clown on the sidelines of life ... Baba Yaga is, in theory, Koschei's wife, and not a terrible grandmother with a long nose. Yaginya was, according to the epic, a beautiful girl with fiery hair. The gingerbread man is not a gingerbread man at all, but some kind of monster (everything is in the style of Disney).
In general, all this fabulous shoblo wanders through the forests and looks for fights with a wood villain, a certain sorcerer from the underworld.
The title contains the phrase "The Root of Evil", it is he who is the wizard from the underworld. In the second part, the characters seem to be the same, but their roles are different. The waterman was generally wiped below the plinth, he generally became a character for one scene. Vasilisa somehow already forgot about her frog skin, and a monster was raised from a kolobok. There is a lot of humor in the film, but it is somehow one-sided and completely gloomy, sometimes not even funny, although everyone is smiling as if according to the script.
On the ticket in the cinema for the film "The Last Bogatyr" is written 6+, so the film is for family viewing. If you really decide to watch this amazing film on the big screen, then be sure not to postpone going to the cinema, a ticket to the film "The Last Hero" cost me 250 rubles, the pleasure received from watching is clearly worth it. In general, also 350 rubles for popcorn and a taxi, in total, in our time to go to wine for the film "The Last Bogatyr" costs about a thousand rubles. These are the fabulous news from a unique place called Belogorie.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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