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Star trek: Picard (2020) TV series watched in one go

Star trek: Picard (2020) TV series watched in one go I look for and watch mostly fiction, everything else is more boring and even tired of something, the surrounding reality is not conducive to watching comedies, the war on the screen is already tired, and there are enough fools in various dramas without movies. So there is only one window to the world that is not similar to ours, this is fantasy and science fiction and sometimes mysticism. The film "Star trek: Picard" (2020) is of course a fantasy, a film in which everything is not the same as in our world on the contrary. I watched the movie series after series without rest, the entire viewing lasted for a long 480 minutes of free time and cost me three packs of chips and eight bottles of beer. As a result, after watching this tape, I fell asleep like a baby and slept for a long 12 hours, clearly got enough sleep, and now I'm telling you about an amazing movie.
The film is first of all the setting of the frame in which everything should be at the highest level. Make-up artists here tried to clearly, Picard as from the picture turned out. There are not so many special effects, and they are primitive, but it seems to me not too important, the important thing is that you can think everything out on the fly, the film in this case is a kind of guide for thought.
The scenario is basically completely predictable, the dialogues are boring and long. Any space battles simply do not exist as there is no action. But with all the shortcomings, I still watched the film and I really liked it.
Perhaps I closed my eyes to all the shortcomings only because I love science fiction very much, I like a series like "Star trek". I look forward to a different continuation plan. "Star trek: Picard" tells the story of the fabulous return to the case of former Starfleet commander Jean-Luc Picard, so to speak, the Saga has a sequel. Although as if this is already a fat point in the film on the Picard itself, but alas this is not so, although he is already old and with a migraine in his head, but at the end of the film and the migraine will disappear and Picard will not age, he will become a synthetic and will probably please us for more than one season in different variations. From the very beginning, everything seems to be not entirely clear, somewhere on the ranch lives an old Picard with grapes and a headache, but this happens until a synthetic girl And her sister appeared in his life.
EV is a synthetic form of life, it is similar in all respects to a person, but unlike the latter, it has its own special firmware and its own special qualities. Even until a certain time did not suspect that she had something like this and she is a super hero, but when she and her boyfriend were attacked by mercenaries of some secret order, she famously killed them all and then not understanding what was happening by herself came to Picard, since in her firmware this object was listed as safe.
The whole story begins with the meeting of synthetic and Picard. The girl seems to live with Picard, but realizes that she is a source of danger to him and decides to leave him, but then returns at the time of her death. Picard sees all this and tries to figure out what it was, what kind of woman it was, and why she came to him? FROM where she knew about it and the search will not disappoint you. Picard learns that dash had a sister, since synths were made in pairs, and then the world is full of flights and adventures. Picard then gets into one story then another, but moves in search of sister dash, so that she eventually saved, and she saved the world from the destroyers from other worlds.
As a result, Picard finds the second sister and saves the planet where the synths live, and the synths in turn save humanity from the destroyers from other worlds, who could be called to help and who, if desired, would destroy all biological life forms in our Universe. All the results of the film turned out as well as possible. It's worth watching, the movie deserves it.

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