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Christmas in Paris 2019 review-sochichnenie about the film

Christmas in Paris 2019 review-sochichnenie about the film Christmas is a magical time, all who believe in fairy tales, believe in Christmas stories. At Christmas, many things come true, many good things happen, I personally really like the time of the new year and after the new year holidays. Probably this is what happens in everyone's life, not always the whole family can get together and spend time together, but at Christmas everyone gathers and each family has its own Christmas program for this day. Someone on the night before Christmas guesses on the coffee grounds, someone bakes gingerbread houses, I'm all week before Christmas and after watching with great pleasure the film company holmark for this holiday date.
Today I watched the film "Christmas in Paris", not a bad film in General, but still the positive was spoiled by the fact that happiness is made as usual in contrast. It is impossible for the Director to show a cool mood without first lowering it to the plinth. If this film is a fairy tale, then why insert the sick and the poor into it, a fairy tale for that it is a fairy tale and even it brightens up the life of the sick, and even more so at Christmas. It was not necessary for Justin dick to put different negative episodes in the film, if they were not there, then the film Christmas in Paris, if only it would benefit from this.
Where the in the US lives girl, where the in Paris lives the young man, on movie wandering from the scene to scene they are approaching to their happiness, this ate briefly, and ate more succinctly to tell about the film "Christmas in Paris 2019", then get ready to read further.
In Montana, there is a large Agency that develops the style of product delivery, creates a legend as it is seen by designers and against this background, the product itself is promoted. In this Agency, Robie works as a designer, but she also sometimes moonlights as a photo model for different projects, this happens only when the material is urgently needed, and the desired model face is not nearby. This is exactly what happened this time. They called from Paris to say that a French millionaire who runs clubs and restaurants and also produces quality wines is flying to Montana on his plane. Businessman Lucas would like to enter the American market, but it is difficult for him to do so, and now he finds an Agency run by his own father (he is allegedly ill and has long been out of business), which can help him implement his plan. Robie biased the footage and prepared advertising booklets, but it turned out all wrong, because Lucas is completely different, he is not like those guys who have fun in Nightclubs, he thought more than once to sell the club and take up the production of wine. But that's not all, Lucas just liked Robie and decided to roll up to her. The guy got girls who see him as a springboard in life and see him only as a monetary allowance. Robie is not like that, she has already made her career in the modeling business and has enough money to live in pleasure. She does not need more, but she still wants to work, to bring benefits in the image of a designer in the advertising business, and for this reason, she is very interesting to a handsome man from Paris. The guy meets cool, he immediately flunked the photo session with Robie and said that she does not know him at all and that all the material needs to be redone. Then everything goes according to the planned business plan:) the Girl as in a fairy tale for Christmas gets to Paris. Lucas introduces Robie to her mother, who is shocked and happy to meet her, because her son has not yet introduced her to any girl, she has even begun to worry about his health. But everything just happened right, Robie's father went to his brother's house for Christmas, there is no reason for her to stay at home alone, so she agreed to go with a French guy for a walk on the Champs Elysees. France as it turns out is still such a country, there in the municipality on the allowance are sheep that mow the lawn around the Eiffel tower. Quite a thoughtful move, and the grass is cut on time and there is a barbecue for the New year. Lucas is getting closer to his goal step by step, he likes the girl very much, he has money in his pocket like a fool of candy wrappers, so there are no problems and the future is prosaic. Robie also falls in love as a girl with a handsome guy, everything is romantic and fabulously beautiful, they ride in limousines, dine in luxury restaurants and everything is super. Not a movie, but a tale of great possibilities. This is such a core of the film, everything else is small nuances that are full of ordinary life. If you like melodrama, then a movie like "Christmas in Paris 2019" will definitely appeal to you. The film is kind, but there are still few fairy tales in it, but beautiful things are simply filled up and from each frame you can see the ears of the incentive to consume and spend money. Here is such an interesting melodrama about Christmas.

Christmas in Paris 2019

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