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Review of the movie Evacuation 2020

Review of the movie Evacuation 2020 The film is full of various carnage and all sorts of tricks, if you find something from our time that to some extent may have coincided in the theme, then most likely it would be a film about the war with Nazi Germany, it is called "Save the ordinary District", all the same, only the era is not the same.
The viewer is presented with a certain hero of that ancient era, almost a super hero, he can climb in the rocks, he is not bad at fighting with swords, and he is an excellent runner. If everyone was like this in the Roman army, there was no price for such an army, but in fact, as the Director shows, there are not so many super talented people and in every era they have their own price.
Especially the movie "Evacuation 2020" did not impress me, the costumes are ordinary, the entourage is not super, the dialogues are so-so, the only plus is the scenes in the mountains, they are just awesome in the quality of the picture.
If you like to watch action movies with a historical bias, then this film is just for your eyes, not a minute passes through the film, so that there was no fight or skirmish with some danger.
I don't like such unthinking films that are mixed up in pure heroism. The Director tells about a warrior who decided to fulfill his duty, and then live for himself, the good on the way met a beautiful girl who was saved by chance.
Sometimes watching the film caught myself thinking, what are all similar to the old Slavs. All overgrown with beards and all slightly blond, if I did not know that this is a film about the Romans, I would have thought that this is the era of Alexander Nevsky.
By the way, the storyline is boring and squalid, you kind of know everything in advance and somehow at a certain point already and the intrigue disappears, and the movie itself goes into some kind of routine.
The film is difficult to call negative, it is quite a positive movie tape, one super hero beat a bunch of notorious scoundrels for an hour and a half. There is almost no philosophy and different arguments, probably because all the characters are not too bright, although they masterfully wield a sword and a spear.
Before I started watching the movie Evacuation 2020, I read several reviews and all of them with one voice argued that it is not worth watching, that the film sucks. I did not believe the reviews and watched the film in which everyone kills anyone and everything is just like normal life, which I did not even like, but the rest of the film is quite good for once. The main criterion for choosing this movie for viewing may be a passionate desire to watch action movies on a historical theme, for such viewers, the film is just the right theme. The author will tell you about a few weeks of a drunken soldier from the Roman Legion, Chris Hemsworth got used to the role quite well. But in the movie about Thor, he played his role more and more interesting, although such historical themes are just in the palm of his manly face.
Those who like to watch the show, then there is no such thing. The costumes are similar to the clothes of homeless people, the dialogues are generally fantastic, and the theme itself is banal. On such a subject, it would probably be difficult to create a good film at all, what happened, then it happened. In addition, I will probably say that fans of the action genre, this tape is also suitable, find some free time and appreciate the historical masterpiece.

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