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Feedback: The film "Argument" (2020) - is it worth watching or should I forget about this masterpiece?

Feedback: The film As I rode the tram down Gorokhovaya street, I saw an ad for a new movie on the wall of the Europa cinema, the decision came spontaneously, I got off at the bus stop, bought a ticket for Saturday and waited for the end of the week.
Here came Saturday and I watched the new fantastic action movie "Argument", Nolan obviously tried this time and as a result I ran out of popcorn before the movie itself. I only went to see this movie because I really like this Director. Of the last films of this author, the pictures interstellar and Dunkirk are well remembered. I went to see the picture under the impression that I liked the author's previously viewed paintings.
Movies about time travel shaft, but in this case, the story about the scientist and about the time loop was a little original than something else in this series. By the way, recently released a film by Italians about the same time loop, I don't remember the name, but the entertainment of Italian cinema is not like an action movie, but a snotty melodrama.
What immediately catches your eye, I liked the scale of the shooting. The acting and dialogues of the characters. The film is clearly meant well, but in the end, the series is not pulled, the script or financing, but in the full-length movie all stuff is not so easy I got it the picture is too complex, although if it would show, it would be possible gradually to chew everything and it would be all clear.
I caught myself thinking that the film should be watched at least on the computer, and not in the cinema, so that if possible, stop the scene to understand what just happened. Do not think that I am stupid and stupid, I know how to delve into the subject of the film, but in this case my brain was not enough:).
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll tell you briefly about the plot of the film itself. Everything revolves around the main character, this is a special agent who knows everything and knows everything, well, just a child Prodigy. This agent was specially selected based on the results of a special test, and here he is in the subject of a special CIA task. From how our special agent will cope, so in fact it will be with the world, or it will disappear due to some temporary explosion, or everything will slowly slide into hell.
The mission is something even fabulous, one group with a time delay and with the inversion of all actions moves in the opposite direction, the other in a straight line and from the task is to deprive the control of a high-power nuclear war supply.
The film was conceived very well, there is a certain conspiracy of descendants from the future who decided to undermine the past in such a simple way. About this very few people know at all, only a handful of tycoons in the subject of events. There are even some saboteurs from the future with the goal of banal changes in the environment in the future. So much has been made up that I can hardly understand and retell the film, but in fact everything seems to me from different positions at the same moment.
Fiction Yes AI only, to save the family and the future of a certain mother and wife in one person have to allow themselves to be beaten and bullied by her husband, although the meringue of this mud could clearly be dispensed with, these shots of violence did not have much influence on the plot . Actors and Actresses are quite good, sometimes it just seems that they are all fused with the roles, so everything seems natural.
IN the course of the film, you start to overheat, your brain turns off and at some stage you lose the storyline and think only about how the main character helps himself in the operation, everything is clear, but the partner does everything the other way around.
If you are going to watch the film "Argument", it will at least seem to you not habitually long and difficult to perceive, but at the same time it is a very unusual and interesting picture for a thinking viewer.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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