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When, if not on Christmas day? ((2019) - review essay about the film

When, if not on Christmas day? ((2019) - review essay about the film Although according to European canons, it is customary to celebrate Christmas on the night of December 24 to December 25, I still prefer to celebrate the New Year first, and then on January 7, the usual Christian Christmas. If you love Christmas as much as I do,then you will definitely celebrate it starting from December 24 and until January 7, so I do, and at this time I watch movies with great pleasure on the Christmas theme.
All films about Christmas, this is for a start still a fairy tale, a film that creates a festive, magical mood for you. Such films a priori can not bring any disappointment to the world, they are created to improve your mood at least. Most of the actors in the film do not expect that everything will end positively, but we all know that we look at such pictures with a positive and pleasure.
This time I would like to tell you about the movie " when, if not on Christmas?"This is a picture of 2019, it was released in December, so maybe you haven't even seen it yet. Where the when the two known human left in different direction, but on the occasion their fate again brought together in one place and now they in reflection, and accidentally whether this? I think this is not so easy to manifest in our 3D-printed world, it feels like the hand of God as a maximum, or the cute deeds of others at least.
Perhaps You are already asking why they had previously left for different parts of the world? You will not know about this immediately, you will need to watch the film until the end and only then everything will gradually clear up.
The film was made by filmmakers from Canada. Duration of the movie " When, if not on Christmas?"1H. 25 min. by genre, the film is a musical, very positive, family film. Sweet, vanilla-soaked fairy tale for adult girls. Some girls under this film are busy with things in the kitchen, while others are not yet burdened with their husband and family can spread their rolls to contemplate everything from a cozy den on the couch. The film is positive and you are guaranteed a good mood! The film can be viewed from any place, it is largely a template and you will not even notice what the difference is, if you scroll to the middle and start from this point viewing. It turns out that Canadians, that Americans plow like Papa Carlo all year and only at Christmas do they have time to do personal things. If you need love, then people are waiting for it at this time, while others decide what other issues, Christmas is a fabulous time to solve pending cases. Maybe everything is just waiting for Christmas magic while solving some tasks? Everything is decorated, heaps of gifts, beautiful outfits, everything and everything around turns into a festive dance. This is a long preamble to this amazing film. Lives and does not know the troubles of the girl Emma, she spends a lot of time working. If your career is going up, then your personal life still stinks like a swamp! At Christmas, everything can change and the story begins with the very moment when a girl on Christmas eve going to an antique store finds an old clock that she once gave to her ex-boyfriend Fletcher. From this moment, a series of random events will start, which will radically change the girl's life, she will get a positive in her personal life!
I liked the acting very much. The game is strictly on the keys of the script, everything is simple to the point of ugliness. They met, exchanged a few words and hugged and kissed, briefly. Where you need to clap according to the script, they clapped, where they sobbed, they sobbed. Template game, improvisation zero. By the way, I noticed that the main character apparently skipped acting school, since she could not really portray sadness and surprise when it was necessary. But she laughed Oh, how contagious! The decor for the scenes is not poorly prepared, everything is simple and fabulous, a Christmas tree and festive costumes. With a snowball on the streets to see a bad thing, but it does not matter where it should be put a bunch, and where it is not necessary and there is no:) our heroes Communicate briefly and rationally, although if you do not listen to the translation, it is quite sincere babbling. How different, love is everywhere and all the talk about it is a cheat. Everyone should believe that they will be lucky and they will all find their match on Christmas day. It's funny, but even blacks married to whites will be over the moon because of the Christmas magic. I don't know if this is a fairy tale, but mixing races doesn't lead to anything good, as it seems to me even at Christmas, it doesn't promise anything good. There is a fairy-tale character in the film that promises fate at its discretion, a certain Amurchik, this is not a child at all, this is some uncle on stilettos. This is his job, and he's the one who puppets everyone in the movie, and he's the one who makes everyone in the movie happy:)
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