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Essay review of the movie Christmas next door - 2019

Essay review of the movie  Christmas next door  - 2019  The theme of Christmas is increasingly popping up in movies and on TV, it's time for Christmas to walk the planet. There are so many movies on this topic, you can watch them at any time, they are all online. The film that will be discussed now is a typical Christmas film, it did not fall out of the clip and did not become an exception. You can watch the film with the whole family, the film is very interesting. The cast can be said to be unique, with these actors previously there were no films in the Christmas theme. Girls and boys, and of course Christmas. Everything is mixed up, but the main thing is that everything ends on a positive note. Met a writer of novels for men and a girl who loves Christmas and music. Before they met, everything was going on as usual. When the two halves met, everything began to take on a different meaning. The musical accompaniment to the film is at a good level, you can even listen to music more than once, it does not bother you at all. Somewhere in America, ordinary people live next door on the same street, one is a writer, another loves Christmas, and the third loves music and children. All are not ordinary, all the neighbors are unique. They don't really need to prove anything to anyone!
All the houses are at home, their facades are decorated with Christmas garlands, and the writer's house falls out of the cage, our talented writer does not like Christmas very much. The reason as it turned out is banal simple, at Christmas the author of the books stole an expensive car that was bought with the fee from the first book. Since then, the writer has tried to spend Christmas and new year's holidays in seclusion. He is not completely alone, he has a mother and a sister with nephews, whom he may even love very much or is trying to love, since everything in his life does not coincide with what he is trying to do. Two sisters live next door, one owns a restaurant, the other loves music and gives violin lessons. Sometimes the truth is that a girl plays in a restaurant, but this is still not her main talent. Everything in the lives of two neighbors changes when our male fiction writer temporarily becomes a nanny for his nephews. My grandmother pretended to be a valenok, said that she had the flu and that the children need to be picked up, and their mother went somewhere. No matter what, all this great migration takes place on Christmas eve.
Children as small Chicks from the uncle make wreaths and if not for the compassionate neighbor who saw the whole company in the collection, then probably there would not be a continuation of the film.
First, the girl showed new year's toys, then helped dress up the Christmas tree, step by step, and here is a couple who did not think of anything in common already without any difficulties communicates on common topics. A writer like this acquaintance went to the advantage, the guy almost lost his Muse and hardly writes the chapters of another book, probably it would have been further, but a smart and talented girl next to everything changes.
After sending his nephews to make gifts, the writer sat down for a long time for the novel, time flew by so quickly and when he came to his senses, returned to our reality, he learned that the children ran out of glue and they ran away to their neighbors for glue, and so they stayed there. They bake themselves cookies without worries and chew sweets. This is how sweet love begins between a guy who doesn't like Christmas and a girl who just adores it, and the nephews in the script are like PVA glue gluing two colored sheets of paper.
The film as a whole is very interesting, I liked it and even very much, if you love Christmas and believe in a fairy tale, then you will quite like this film.

Christmas Next Door Hallmark Movies 2019 HD

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