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Review of the movie - Magic Smage 2020

Review of the movie - Magic Smage 2020 	I'll tell you briefly about the film itself, maybe it will be useful to someone?
We are talking in this case, of course, about magic, but not about the terrible magic that was found in the movie "Gary Potter" or in the movie "the Lord of the rings", in our case, not magic, but a parody of magic. It was probably meant to be. Apparently, the one who printed this film on a printer does not understand what magic is.
In a certain world, where sometimes, not too often, but still children are born with the abilities of magicians and wizards, they are sent to a special school of magic, where these very children learn the basics of magic and learn to control it.
There were two girlfriends, one named Nora, the other named Rayna. Since childhood, they could do something magical, one turned into a cat, the other controlled the fire. The children grew up and at some point in time they passionately wanted to become magicians and enter the Academy of magic.
In order to enter this very Academy, you need to have abilities, but you don't have all the abilities, you also need to control your magic. The plot of the movie "Magic-shmagiya" will tell you about how two friends studied at the school of magic, one learned to Polish her skills in fire control, and the other learned to forget about magic, as she failed the entrance tests to the school of magic.
Those who failed the entrance exams to the school of magic, for those created a special class in which teachers do not allow students to do magic tricks under any circumstances. This is done so that children are weaned from magic and do not use it to harm themselves and others.
Then everything is very simple, routine and standard lessons on understanding magic both in one direction and in the other.
If you believe in a fairy tale and know that magic is real, then you are not allowed to watch this movie even as a child:)) It seems to have been created for the sole purpose of discouraging the desire to engage in magical fishing for centuries. I definitely DO not advise you to even watch it! Complete nonsense.
Here's the trailer for this failed masterpiece — the movie.

trailer for the Magic-Smage

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