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Watch gifts from the sky-2020 movie

Watch gifts from the sky-2020 movie Christmas is celebrated not only by civilians, but also by the military, and this film will tell you how the military can celebrate Christmas. I looked at it with great pleasure, it seems that even the usual melodrama with snot picture does not look like. Definitely worth watching!
Winter began and I decided to look for a film about Christmas, the first thing I came across was the picture "Gifts from the sky" 2020. This movie is best searched for by the tag #Operation Christmas or # Christmas reset. The film was shot in the United States and is called in the original - Operation Christmas Drop.
I like to watch new year's movies from holmark, but in this case it's a picture from Netflix. Netflix makes pictures much better than what is, but in this case, as it turned out the opposite, apparently the company Netflix decided to organize a parody of what they do in the company holmark:)) Clearly, everything turned out exactly the same as viewers expect from paintings under the holmark brand.
The actors in the film are more than famous, most of all I liked the game of kat Graham, I had seen her in many films before, everywhere she played in a peculiar, but interesting way. The role of the air force captain was taken by some over-aged youngster, he would have played children in the Lyceum or teenagers, but the captain is not super, although, if you do not go into the details of the appearance, he has no problems with the role, everything went super.
It begins with a story about an Erika who works as a Secretary at Congresswoman. On the instructions of her boss, Erica goes to one of the bases to give a full report on her work. The military base is located on some Islands in the warm sea and for some reason they want to close it in order to save the budget.
Kongreswuman has the task of covering three military bases, so Erika's task is to gather as much information as possible in line with "Close the base".
In order to prepare a report quickly and at the same time reflect the real situation with the cases on the base, Erica goes there by plane and gets down to business. Arriving on the Islands just in time for Christmas eve, Erica falls into the mainstream of the bustle that reigns every year in part on Christmas eve.
In order for Erica to get a more or less truthful report, she is given captain Andrew as her assistant.
It is difficult for Erica to work, it is difficult to collect information, because she is essentially in a place where there is only one temptation. If it weren't for the annoying Andrew, then apparently the report would have been completely reversed in its strength and the base would have been definitely closed. But Enryu, nicknamed "KLAUS", decided to show Erica everything as it is, how he and his friends collect donations in their free time and then drop them off the plane on Christmas eve as gifts. The planes seem to work out the flight time, and along the way they benefit the islanders.
Erica saw a lot of different things immediately thought that something was wrong, apparently there is not a targeted use of the defense budget, but in fact everything turned out to be wrong, everything was based only on the enthusiasm of the military, on their desire to help the poor inhabitants of the Islands. As it turns out, the script is not sucked out of your finger, but written from the words of a participant in the operation of the US air force base "Gifts from the sky", which started and is held annually for 72 years. The essence of the theme is to use planes to deliver gifts to remote Islands of the archipelago. If only the military air force did this, then they would not have a service, but a real fairy tale.
I think the film was made to show that the military does not eat their bread for nothing, that they have the right to protect their country and help those who really need this help at this moment. Military showed the best side ...
Here is such a film turned out. The actors played quite well, I even liked it! Something different in the relationship between the Secretary and the military and can not be expected. In General, the movie looked almost like a movie from the holmark company, but everything was made much cooler, it feels like they spent much more money.
The film is interesting, if there is nothing to watch at all, then the film gifts from the sky-2020 can be seen once, but no more:))

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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