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Magic shoes for Christmas 2019 review-essay about the film

 Magic shoes for Christmas 2019 review-essay about the film The whole story begins with the preparation for Christmas, everything is going well in the accounting company and two successful employees go shopping for lunch to buy some sweets for gifts for their relatives. Word for word, and now two girls are going back and at the same time carry in their paper bags a lot of useful gifts, but this is not all the preparations for Christmas, you still need to go to a small but very elegant candy store, where you can buy something unique, something that no one and no where can not buy for any It is also worth adding that Noel, a girl who loves Christmas and loves to give gifts at this time every new year receives gifts from her grandmother from Holland in the form of shoes with candy. This is an old tradition in this country, so this time the grandmother did not distinguish herself with originality and gave her granddaughter a pair of her old shoes to the top filling them with candy. These are not just shoes from the store, they are chic retro shoes in which the grandfather met the grandmother for the first time. So. That magic manifests itself in the film from the first minutes of the story.
Noel loves the shoes that her grandmother sends her, although they are all different, but they still bring a big addition to the girl's life. The girl is 100% sure that the shoes given by her grandmother will give her happiness in life, even if it is not today, it must happen in the future.
Noel already knows for sure that every pair of her grandmother's shoes is magical in its own way, and on this, wearing gum-colored shoes, she goes to the candy store and gets into another story along the way. Someone on the doorstep of the Reid's Sweets store threw out a piece of gum, but it's so lumpy that Noel can't even move, it's stuck so hard to the pavement. While Nicole was trying to peel off the gum on her own, she read an ad that says that the store "reed's Sweets" will not work next year. Further even more interesting, the girl without this store does not see the opportunity to buy a good gift for Christmas and she is very saddened that the store will close and find out the reasons for closing offers her help in accounting. The girl still wants to find an opportunity to save the store, and tax deductions can be reduced legally. Nicole studied the accounting books, estimated the store's profit itself, and realized that the advertising was zero, and the window was empty. There are five days left until Christmas, and at least you need to redo everything in a day, but where can I get a designer on CHRISTMAS eve? As it turns out, you do not need to look for a designer, the designer will be Nicole herself, this is her vocation, she believes that she is the most reactive accountant in the world and that she can improve the attractiveness of storefronts at times and thereby raise sales significantly and bring the profitability of the store to a plus. The owner of the store agrees to leave Nicole in the store for the night, so that she came up with something that would stop passers-by and stimulate their desire to buy a sweet candy. What do you think, what did the accountant do with the window and did she get what she planned?
Nicole has decorated the window with the most advanced, launched even the railway and as a result, sales are simply off the scale. Now the store owner ran to his father to show the numbers to convince the main investor not to sell the store. But that's not all, in the store "reed's Sweets" there is still a showcase and it also needs to be decorated. Reid hires Nicole for a Lollipop in the shape of a ring and Nicole believing that this ring will be able to become a real one in the future takes the job with great enthusiasm. In addition, why not engage in such a craft, if a friend at work covers for the full program. Nicole's desire to be needed as a designer, and reed Jr.'s desire to have his own store in full control works wonders. Nicole is ready to work wonders again with the second showcase. And if you look at the picture until the end, you will understand that the magic will not be limited to the window, everyone will be happy, and grandma's shoes will be deservedly considered magical.

Magic shoes for Christmas (2019) trailer

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