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Christmas house 2019 review-essay about the film

Christmas house 2019 review-essay about the film Against the background of bad, good looks Oh how nice. And against the background of the terribly bad, even the bad is not so evident. This is what I said so that you understand why there are so many snot and different soul-touching actions in American Christmas movies. If the film is positive and about Christmas, then obviously even if you are a great Director Jennifer Gibson, then you can not Express a positive out of the blue. So we decided to first find a couple of characters in the script that everything falls down and already on the basis of this complete chaos in life to build something happy.
Somewhere in a big city, A woman photographer lives a dream of preserving the peace of mind of her 15-year-old daughter, doing everything in order that her daughter does not feel abandoned, if possible, because her parents divorced. In order for the girl to distract from reality as much as possible, her mother goes to a distant country house in a God-forsaken place in order to meet a cool Christmas. Probably Christmas would have been good for this family mafia (mother, grandmother and daughter), but it was not there. When this cheerful family comes to the volume, they are surprised to notice that a wonderful neighbor has settled in the house, and later it turned out that he is not just a neighbor, but a real writer about whom everyone knows, he has retired here to finish the next Chapter of his new book. The writer does not like noise during the creative rush, and for this reason, his Manager rented this cozy rural house for him during his work. The same situation happened with a woman photographer who is engaged in promoting tourist business in this area and for work got to the same house, where by the way, she also wanted to retire with her family for CHRISTMAS!
It would seem that everything is arranged by cupids, only float along the line of fate, but in fact everything is not so and everything is not that. The girl photographer is afraid of any deception and does not believe in happiness at Christmas. The guy does not like Christmas at all and like the Grinch is locked in a secluded place to create his stories. Only a 15-year-old girl can combine these two hearts, she tells Mitchell that you don't need to hurt your mother, that she can't stand a broken heart anymore, and besides, mom doesn't like when someone chews gum:)) The guy is talented, my mother likes it, my daughter wants to be a writer, why not take this into account. The guy on the contrary, an abandoned child without a normal childhood, he would not have prevented such a close-knit family, which may inspire our writer to grandiose feats in the field of writing. Watching the film, I already knew what would happen next half an hour before the last frame. The film is quite expected and predictable, but this did not make it worse.
Our writer is not only an expert in prose, but also a skilled dancer. HE decided to find the key to the beloved mother through the heart of her daughter. And the daughter in the process also found herself in the topic, because she wants to become a writer, and next to her is already a cool, saleable author. Why not take advantage of his advice and move on to a writing career with a certain not great reserve. As a result, my mother, daughter and grandmother, thanks to our writer, had a Christmas tree in the form of a bookcase with garlands, although everyone already considered Christmas spoiled because the trees were no longer sold at the time of purchase and preparation after arrival. The writer created comfort not on paper, but in life, which earned applause and a lot of attention. As a result, everyone is happy and everyone now has their own large family. Which in all respects is still better than the most luxurious solitude.
I definitely advise you to watch the movie "Christmas house 2019", if you watch it, then only such positive films and about a fairy tale, because in life, we are surrounded by not exactly what we would like to see and what we did not really want to hear.
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