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Feedback: The film "the Immortal guard" (2020) - a Terrible video content!.

Feedback: The film The idea of the creators of the film clearly was, and still is, the theme of immortality and war is always infinite in terms of plots, but in this case, the plot in General seems to me to be absent, the frame jumps here and there. The Director of this film is a woman, so the frame got a feminist and a black woman, and even different bad people of the wrong orientation. As a result, no film, solid promotion, from this point of view, the movie's record, and from the point of view of the interest of the traditional segment of society is not a movie but simple stuff.
I started watching the film the Immortal guard, everything did not distract from the topic, but at some stage it seemed to me that the author of the picture, either a pacifist student, or a woman. So in fact it turned out, because only a woman or an incompetent student could spoil a good idea. The Director clearly focused on the fact that it would be good to have an immortal riot police, or special forces, but the trouble is, religion does not allow:)
I personally do not want to watch movies in the style of science fiction, action or adventure, if it was shot by a woman. I look in advance in the description of the film who the author is, if there is a female beginning, it is a hundred poods of tears, snot and heaviness in the form of a melodrama, although it can be called anything, from Comedy to fiction.
In our case, the theme of immortality was spoiled by Gina Prince-Bytwood, I tried to find more of her work, but unfortunately I did not find it. Apparently, as the author, she did not shoot anything good, maybe because the scripts are written by crooked-armed people like Greg Rook.
The film is clearly created as a gift for feminists, and the LGBT community is probably delighted, and the Africans are so generally delighted, because among the Immortals there is everything you want, everything for every taste, but there is no real interest in them from the rest of the world. The film was created on a topical topic of interest to all, because if the film has a person with dark skin and there is also a non-standard oriented character, then the same in art will not equal this reading matter in the mud at least, because who will lower their beloved below the baseboard, so we get not movies, but garbage.
In General, they beat the African woman initially, and then made her a hero and Savior of the entire gang.
I personally "welcome" perverts, but I will not watch the movie wasting my personal time, if they are just a dime a dozen in the story, they climb out of every crack and their ears stick out from every corner.
After watching the film "the Immortal guard" and leaving the cinema, I belched yesterday's hamburger and went home with relief to rest not from life, but from the movie. At the same time as that and writing a review on desire has disappeared...
The idea as it seemed to me at first was on a good level, but in the end the whole idea was merged into the toilet. The author's priorities are to blame for everything.the author did not develop the story itself, but the topics that are fashionable in society. While it is difficult to say whose ears are behind the financing of such an unsuccessful film, but the fact that it is clearly someone from a minority, the undeniable truth of life.
Not a movie, but a disgrace.
If you do not tell about the plot itself, then in General there is nothing to say about the film. The film is empty, there is no filling, although the theme of "immortality" is very interesting. The topic is not disclosed in any direction, just what you will see is the acceptance of another young hero of African appearance into the brotherhood.
Maybe you'll like the movie, but I can't stomach such junk, such third-rate movies make me a little mad. It's sad that now what's not a movie is junk. Now I watch TV series more often, but they also get lit up, so the interest in the us and EU film industry disappears. And what is sculpted in India and China, in General, only those who live there watch, the rest of these fairy tale films try to skip.
If you find a positive review about the "Immortal guard", then with a 100% guarantee you will find a custom review. Here is such a not super good review turned out to be a seemingly good movie by name.

"Immortal guard" 2020

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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