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Moscow, I love you!

Moscow, I love you!

Moscow, I love you! (2010)

Moscow, I love you!  (2010)
* Length: 143 min.
* Genre: Comedy, Melodrama.
* Country: Rossiya.
* Stage manager: Ivan Ohlobystin.
* Scenario: Catherine Dvigubskaya, Ivan Ohlobystin, Andrey Razenkov, Vasiliy CHiginskiy, Georgiy Paradzhanov, Blushed Surikova, Irakliy Kvirikadze, Natasha SHaposhnikova, Sergey Prist, Lyudmila Temnova.
* Prodyusery: Egor Konchalovskiy, YUriy Glocer.
* Operator: Sergey Machiliskiy, Anton Antonov, Vyacheslav Infirmary, Sergey Akopov, Alexander Nosovskiy, Mihail Kvirikadze, Alexander Simonov, Lomer Ahvlediani, Gennadiy Karyuk, Vladimir Klimov, Andrey Naydenov, Bagir Rafiev, Vasiliy Sikachinskiy.
* In role: Ivan Ohlobystin, Evgeniy Mironov, Marie Mironova, Catherine Dvigubskaya, Dmitriy Dyuzhev, Nataliya Fateeva, Alibert Filozov, Grigoriy Antipenko, Evgeniya Dobrovoliskaya, Evgeniy Stychkin, Vladimir Dolinskiy, Alexander Pashutin, Artem Mihalkov, Irina Brazgovka, Lyudmila Ivanova, Oleg Frost, Max Suhanov, Fedor Laurel, Catherine Krupenina, Sofa Dudarchik...
Short description:
Moscow this big g..... as many probably have said, but inhabitants of the Moscow persisting bad g...... Kstatitak it and there is, big mass of the inhabitants of the Moscow exactly such indeed. Such their has done itself Moscow. In this city works the law of the henhouse, he that and does the people stale, but that who has caughted the good luck for egg, proud. Who does not know that for law of the henhouse, which spoils the people live in Moscow, so I explain. This law spoils not tarred roofing paper of the inhabitants of the Moscow, but also any beg sity. The Law of the henhouse states: "peck near, sulphurs on lower and climb in top!". Not will so act, remain suburb of the Moscow. Here is about this and cue about else than that and this film. Apropos this film not about worse people from Moscow, but about smaller. And amongst militias and there is good people amongst any layer society, sting their little. Rezhiser their has found, stage manager under they have written the scenario and here is we have that have. See and repose, film "Moscow tear does not believe", here simply reposes:)
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