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Is it worth it to watch the film "Intern" (2018)

Is it worth it to watch the film From the very beginning, it is worth noting that the film advertises values ??that are alien to the usual society, and therefore I would not recommend it for viewing at all, I write a review only because, out of ignorance, I watched this Italian rubbish. So that the film “Intern 2018” was watched by a non-thinking public, here you are a fool a lawyer with signs of a drug addict and light music, and humor does not seem to bother or make you think. In general, a film from the category of those. Who look at the future dream, turned it on and look without thinking until you fall asleep.
The name of the film is not very memorable, literally in 2015 a film with the same name was released, so there is nothing special. The film with De Niro turned out to be even more interesting for me.
The Italians created something in the form of a parody of the French tape of the same name. There are not so many vulgarities, of course, but the film itself as a whole does not teach anything good. The actors are simple, I have not heard anything about them before. Dialogues taken from the street. You can`t expect something like Hollywood works, cinema from Italy does not rattle around the world and does not feel the burden of popularity.
What is an interesting movie about?
In the foreground is the young lawyer Antonio, he is not quite a lawyer yet, but strives to become one. A guy from a poor family, and for this reason, a man who is very directed towards money. The novice lawyer has a good mentor, a real professor of law. On the one hand, this is a talented person, and on the other, he is just a cunning rogue, he has not written the law, he turns him around as he wants. How to learn a novice lawyer from such a professor is not an easy task. Bos is constantly bustling, constantly cheating and constantly getting involved in all kinds of piquant situations. The professor exploits his intern 100%, he prepares food and goes to the store and, if possible, rakes up legal matters. You watch such films and you understand that there are simply no cases to lose, laws are written in such a way that in any case there is some kind of loophole for a smart lawyer to jump out of a difficult situation.
The film shows the theme of the assimilation of immigrants into Italian society, it turns out that most of them receive Italian citizenship only because they violate the law. In some cases, this is a fictitious marriage, in other cases, the protection of officials for some kind of remuneration. There are so many holes in Italian laws that all immigrants from North Africa and troubled regions of Asia can be pushed through them. Money seems to solve everything, and Italy is no exception to the rule in this regard.
The film, as it were, shows the essence of life in the society of modern Italy, whatever one may say, but everything is there, the rotten management structure of the company completely mired in corruption schemes does not allow it to develop, and mafia clans, which like mushrooms growing on fertile soil, generally hinder the transition countries into a bright future. In theory, films should inform everyone that such behavior as that of a professor and mentor of our trainee is not acceptable in society, but in fact everything is quite the opposite. I want to become such a nimble and cunning professor and live just as fabulously without paying taxes to the state treasury for many years.
I didn`t particularly like the film, although the ending was touching, as if everyone would get used to everything and what the case presented presented with them remained.
The film as a whole can be watched at any age, although there are scenes with shooting and curses, but such scenes are few, but they are still enough. So that the film is not considered approved for family viewing.
The final scene, as it were, makes everyone forget about everything and plunges the viewer into the believability of the story. They are trying to convey to everyone that sooner or later they have to answer for all their actions, although right there everyone sees that justice is something that is not the same for everyone and not for everyone.
I think the movie will appeal to an established audience, those who have come across similar things in life. There are no special scenes or effects in the film, everything was shot in the old fashioned way and without rude American humor. The younger audience clearly will not understand the topic and they will not be so ridiculous from what they see.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author:) thank you!

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