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Feedback: Palm springs (2020)-Love in a time loop

Feedback: Palm springs (2020)-Love in a time loop Before watching movies, I usually read reviews on sites about movies and profile forums, and if the film has some hint of propaganda for something, then I throw such films out of my subscription list.
In this case, this film is not perfect, there is everything from LGBT propaganda to hell, in short, the film is designed for a wide range of viewers and the Director probably does not care that many people do not really like such a salty dish.
As the classic said, times are what they make movies. The film is more than stupid, not spectacular, although there is love and romantic feelings. It seems to me that the characters live in a time when no one knew about the RAM virus yet, and people were still people. The film is new, although there should have been elements of the RAM virus in it,but for some reason they are not. The film was released on January 26, 2020.
In General, I wanted to see something, there was time for that and I got to this photo "masterpiece" looked without thinking, because the film is created for those who do not think:) The film could well be in the trash, there are such unique tapes shaft, and recently so every second tape flies into the trash for a number of reasons.
Funny in the film is not enough, but as a means to kill time, the picture will go well. Sometimes the truth comes across a Striptease in a sophisticated form, but this is not an excess, but a piquant cherry on a bad cake. By the way, a little more liberties and the film would easily have rattled into the category of "porn".
In the film, everything is simple, the Director tries to tell about the feelings of SARAH and Niles, and to make it more interesting, he shoved this couple into a time loop, they now freak together and start every new day with a clean slate. The fact that the couple got into a time loop, no one knows, but Sarah and Niles are aware of all the tricks and everything they have gradually accumulates, both good experience and bad.
Every time the couple lives the wedding day of Sarah's sister, everything seems to be repeated over and over again for 90 minutes of time. Something similar was corrected in the movie "matryoshka" (2019), but there a new day began after the death of the heroine. In our case, everyone is alive, but locked in the time of one day until the very minute they fall asleep. Everyone wakes up in their beds and everything starts from the beginning.
You look at the film as a great lie, where everyone composes something and lies without clicking their eyes, so at least it seems the first 12 minutes of viewing the picture, then everything changes and you already understand that it was not a lie in a big sense, but the truth of life repeated every time.
I don't know what drives everyone to embrace quantum jumps and repetitions, but even in the theme of love, it was screwed. I honestly watched the film palm springs only because it had elements of science fiction, everything else without it would look at all shabby. As a result, traveling each time along the time line, the couple gradually falls in love and can no longer imagine life apart. At some point, Sarah begins to study quantum jumps and various particle physics and finds a solution to how to break the time loop. But first, she decides to break it up in various ways and even sometimes testing Niles ' feelings. So, once she threw herself under the wheels of a truck with the words "I want to end this day!", and then disappeared somewhere and Niles could not find a place. In General, even that melodrama about love.
In the end, the solution was found thanks to the inquisitive mind of Sarah, she tied dynamite and Niles went to the very energy cave that had sucked them in. Bach and it's all over, but the truth about the film is not clear...
What actually happened next, did the guys meet again or not, or maybe they died in time at all. The ending is stupid, just like the whole movie. If you want to watch science fiction with elements of love, then the film palm springs is just what the doctor ordered for bedtime.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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