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Thor Ragnarok — film tale, even more Comedy:)
Well, movies about the Scandinavian deity often recently shown in cinemas, but for some reason lately the movies Thor seems a bit ridiculous, they`re more like Comedy than real mock epic in which something interesting for yourself to learn, not just neighing with different jokes in is supposedly the son of Thor. Not an interesting film, it`s even somewhat harmful to those who believe in a fairy tale:) In General, that I was going to watch the m...
Watching film the Outpost
If you like to watch something magnificent, something which in ordinary life is not a place, it means that you enjoy the fantasy genre. Perhaps in this regard it is worth paying attention to the film "Outpost". It is a series and six episodes have already been released this season. Typically, the selection of films in the fantasy big, but sometimes until you find what to watch is so long that all desire to watch the movie disappears. Today I`ll...
Film adventure Aladdin 2019
In 2019, I was able to see two new versions of the film "Aladdin", one was better than the other. Different Directors, different vision of the fairy tale, as well as the cost of production affects the interest. At Disney apparently have enough money for everything, and even on the red green costume that just oboldenno look in the film and it is clear that they are not fake, not made at once. It`s very interesting to watch. The film this time ...
Maleficenta is Lady of darkness 2019
If we consider the picture from the position of a film critic, it is not quite perfect. There are a lot of reruns from past series in this 2019 film, the reruns are not very Intrusive, but still they are it`s kind of annoying a little bit. The character of the Queen Ingrit some surface, the dialogues are not thought out, and the like, and the main role, but in fact secondary. The film has a lot of characters, it`s hard to focus on something but ...
Santa Nicole - fantasy Comedy
The film is a fairy tale about how preparations for the celebration of Christmas in the Kingdom of Santa Claus at the North Pole. Live itself in a small magic village with commodity monetary relations in the form of coins from chocolate in Golden foil and not think nor about than. Everyone is preparing a good mood for the rest of the world. Almost like warm Israel, only at the base of the fraction:)) Until Christmas remains not so perishing muc...
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